Welcome, ESCAPETHEROOMers' Private Investigators or shall I say Player's I's ("eyes"). 


This is a new sector of our website that we started in order to accomplish the following goals:


  • Invite various players from different parts of the world to play "at home" games (remote escape room, online escape /puzzle games, tabletop games that are able to be played over zoom, immersive experiences etc...) with us (because we love meeting new people!).  We also like to express our appreciation to our followers, so these games are complimentary (courtesy of the companies that are inviting us to review their games)*. 

  • Provide the owners and players different perspectives on the game review rather that just ours.  The invited players are required to write a review (could be a few sentences or a full write up) for the game they've played.  The reviewers will be credited and published under our review write up.  There will be no discussions after the game between us and the player(s) so our review will not be influenced by their opinions.

  • Provide owners additional feedback on the game so that they can improve their game design/ quality from not just our perspective but from other player's perspectives as well. 

Each day we will be updating the list of games we're planning to play with dates and times.  So make sure to frequently check the list.  If you are able to join us on that specific date and time, and willing to writing up a review afterwards, please put a "yes" in the box under that game and next to your name (feel free to sign up for multiple spots and we'll select 2-3 players to join us for each game session).  We will randomly select the players on a rotational bases so that everyone will get a chance to play something.  Once selected, you'll be contacted via email with instructions.  Please reply to confirm that you've receive the email and can attend the session.  Make sure you SUBSCRIBE so that we have your email.  Are you ready to start your P.I. missions and wear your badge with pride?  If yes, sign up HERE!  

*We thank companies for comping our tickets for these games.  Although complimentary admissions are generously provided, it does not impact our opinions on the review whatsoever.

About us

“ESCAPETHEROOMers” was created in late 2018 by Cici Cao & Brandon Chow.  They are a couple who loves to travel around the world to find new adventures!  Since their first escape room in 2018, the addiction never stopped. “ESCAPETHEROOMers” was born with the idea of providing reviews for escape room enthusiasts but also as a portal for game creators to have an outlet to showcase their talents and products. They are currently the ONLY review
site that provide consistent contents in blog and vlog formats.

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