2021  Tours & Events

Since the pandemic, companies in certain parts of the world have had to re-open and close repeatedly. Sadly, we had to cancel our Europe, Bermuda, and Asia "Escape Room Tours" last year as we were super excited to add those companies & games onto our list!  For 2021, we are going to start scheduling our escape room tours and getting back out there to play in-person games again!  This is of course, based in accordance to the health and safety guidelines.




ESCAPETHEROOMers' Cici and "The Escape Roomer" are teaming up once again to try and solve Wild Child's "The Chernobyl Septology - Chapter 2:  Geiger Says"!  This time they're being helped by special guest - Tammy McLeod!  This will also be streaming live on our Twitch channel.  Be sure to tune in and share your thoughts!




Cici from "ESCAPETHEROOMers" and Mairi a/k/a "The Escape Roomer" will be streaming live on Twitch as they tackle Wild Child's "The Chernobyl Septology - Chapter 1:  Core Galore"!  This series of 7 puzzle chapters is for the creatively insane and the insanely creative, or for those who simply want to expand their horizons. 

DREAM FACTORY flyer_v2.png


THIS SUNDAY, March 14 @ 4pm EST, we will be live-streaming our gameplay experience of Клаустрофобия (Claustrophobia's Escape Room Russia's) newest online game - "Dream Factory" on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitch TV. With 5 teams (each with 10 players), we will be competing to make the best Hollywood motion picture and to win that Oscar award. Will you come and help cheer us on with our P.I.s? Maybe you want to support your favorite Escape Room companies? Or your awesome online and app companies? How about your favorite tabletop game creators? And of course... how can we forget about the amazing avatars and remote escape games? Share this post, grab some popcorn, and invite your friends to come and watch the ultimate battle! Let's see who will be the final winner to take that trophy home! and the winner is....  

ROOM 213.png

EDML EP1:  "ROOM 213"

We are very excited to announce the first episode of our YouTube series called “Escape Down Memory Lane”. This is where we will act as your avatars and live stream our play of escape rooms that will be retired soon. We know how difficult it is for an owner to take down a room and thought this would be a nice way to remember it. But this also gives an opportunity for you guys to play it for FREE with us! We invite all the players to join us for this unique experience at @escapeherndon with their “Room 213”. We are very excited as we loved their other room “8 bit”! Comment in the chat with what you like us to do while we are in the room! We will need all the help we can get! You can watch this live stream on out FB page this Sunday (Feb 28th) at 6:30PM EST!



Every year we recognize the best games we've played throughout the year.  This year, we've played over 450+ games in the categories of in-person escape rooms, remote escape rooms, audio escape rooms, mobile games, digital games, table-top games, and immersive experiences.  for this reason you will see multiple winners in each category as it was very difficult to select just one winner.  there are simply way too many great games out there so good thing this is our award and we can make the rules on how we like to honor them.


Congratulations to all the winners! 



Not sure what to do for Halloween yet? Well mark your calendars because we'll be hosting "The Halloween Escape Room Showcase" on October 27th (tomorrow) at 4PM EDT! There'll be 60+ escape room companies from all over the world (USA, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary and more!) showcasing a little sneak peek of their Halloween themed rooms.  Discover hidden clues in the show for a secret word that will enter you in a raffle to win a pair of tickets to an escape room of your choice (once you've discovered it, write "GOT IT" in the chat and tag your favorite escape room and email "" with the answer )! 



Something biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig is coming this Sunday June 7th at 12PM EST! MARK YOUR CALENDARS and WATCH ON our FACEBOOK LIVE as our team of 20 players compete for "Global Dominance", a new online role playing game by Клаустрофобия (Claustrophobia), Our team consists of enthusiasts, bloggers, and escape room owners/managers from all over the world! Cheer on your favorite teammate and make a prediction now! Who do you think will be the last team standing to take over the world?!  


2020  Tours & Events

We are so excited for 2020 as we have many new locations and content to add to our website from our Escape Room Tours and Conventions. We will also be coming out with “Travel Tips” Videos soon for the locations we’ll be visiting. Below are the confirmed dates we’ll be at a certain location or event. We will be adding more dates and locations in the near future.  

ESCAPETHEROOMers - Up The Game Online Fe

2020  "UP THE GAME"


We were suppose to attend UTG's conference in the Netherlands this year along with our Netherland escape room tour but due to the pandemic, everything was canceled.  We are grateful to have recovered from COVID in time to be able to participate at the online festival's breakout room sessions (special shout out to Norbert & Rik for putting this together!). There were many veterans and industry leaders at the online conference and we had an amazing time meeting them. There were also fun digital games offered. See below for a sample of their daily schedule. We hope to meet in person one day but for now let's revisit some wonderful memories!  

ESCAPETHEROOMers - HADO (Player Omega)



We were invited by the Hado USA team to join them at their premiere event at "Player Omega".  Player Omega is an immersive, fully participatory experience with tournaments, open game play, cosplay, panel discussions, art installations, and more!  Competitors can battle through the open-bracket tournaments to win a share of prize pools up to $10k.  Thousands of people attended the event. 


2019 3RD ANNUAL E.R.I.C.

This is our first time visiting the annual UK Escape Room Industry Conference (ERIC) but this is already their third year hosting the event. The 2019 conference was held at the beautiful CEME Conference Centre in the outskirts of London. Getting there by public transportation was quite easy but the organizers also conveniently provided free parking at the venue. The event ran for two full days from 9AM till 7:30PM with “after parties” until whenever! Lunch was included in the ticket price.  

ESCAPETHEROOMers - Transworld Room Escap


This is our first Escape Room Conference that we've ever attended. This year's Transworld Room Escape Conference was held in San Antonio, TX.


The conference provided seminars, workshops, escape room tours and other activities. This was a two day event but due to our own escape room tour we only had a few hours at this event. There weren't that many vendors here so we're able to see pretty much everything. Check out our YouTube video for a summary coverage of some of the vendors we saw at the event.