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"I would trust ESCAPETHEROOMers' immense experience.  Positive outlook on choosing my escape game experience. It's an added value that they are super cool and easy to get along with.  I wish nothing but the best for them and recommend to check out the awesome content they create on various platforms." ✍️

buzzshot & telescape live

Buzzshot & Telescape Live 🇬🇧


"The global escape room industry is extremely lucky to have a wide community of enthusiasts and supporters. Cici and Brandon of ESCAPETHEROOMers are among the most visible and energetic. The number of games they’ve played and reviewed is staggering and their industry knowledge and network is very impressive. Most remarkable of all is the amount of time and energy they put into producing their annual Bullseye Awards – a very recognised part of the industry!

Also, the enthuiasm, support and constructive feedback they’ve provided us and our products is always kindly receIved – thank you ESCAPETHEROOMers!." ✍️


clueQuest 🇬🇧


"We had a great time with The ESCAPETHEROOMers. 
THX again for the interview :D This is a cool series of exploring thoughts, stories, people behind the puzzle makers." ✍️


clueQuest 🇬🇧


"These guys are doing a really great job. They give plenty for the escape room and game community. Thank you again for all your support! We love to work with you!" ✍️

codeword escape.jpg

Codeword Escape 🇺🇸


"Love ESCAPETHEROOMers.... and their pup!  Great couple who genuinely support escape room owners." ✍️

crack-a-nut mysteries

Crack-A-Nut Mysteries 🇺🇸


"As a finalist for ESCAPETHEROOMers' 2020 BULLSEYE Player's Choice Award, it's just CRAZY that so many people are voting for our game.  It is definitely increasing traffic to our website, so that is great!  Even if we get pushed out, it has been a fabulously fun journey!" ✍️

daydream adventures

Daydream Adventures 🇨🇦


"ESCAPETHEROOMers has been an amazing support!  As a brand new business, their reviews have really helped put us on the map.  These 2 bloggers have been working so hard to help escape rooms survive such difficult times. Thank you so much, ESCAPETHEROOMers!" ✍️

emergency exit escape games

Emergency Exit Escape Rooms 🇬🇧


"Outstanding contribution to the industry and companies involved. The team behind this are passionate, professional and work tirelessly to bring Escape rooms to the masses. As a small independent company we have massively benefited from their involvement. We’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of customers since featuring in Great work!!" ✍️

enigma fellowship

Enigma Fellowship 🇩🇪


"ESCAPETHEROOMers were one of the very firsts in the puzzling community to welcome us with open arms and offered to help us in countless ways. Whether the problem was fine tuning a game mechanic or figuring out how to smuggle UV light in our paper based games: these amazing guys always put the puzzling community first! And doing this to an absolutely unknown startup shows their devoted commitment to the puzzling world - be it tabletop, virtual or physical. 
Their fine taste for well designed and captivating puzzles are obvious in their guiding nudges and their passion for entrance into this genre is noticeably beneficial for everyone in this business. But beyond it all, we are so grateful that on this road of game making we made true friends with them - and that is an outstanding compliment in this day and age!" ✍️


E.R.I.C. 🇬🇧


"Special thanks Cici and Brandon a/k/a ESCAPETHEROOMers for coming all the way from the US of A to ERIC 2019.  You can watch their coverage of the event, including interviews with many of the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees!" ✍️

escape hour austin.png

Escape Hour Austin 🇺🇸


"Very sweet and are giving behind the scenes Q and A's.  Asking great questions that help others know what rooms to try." ✍️

escape long beach.png

Escape Long Beach 🇺🇸


"Super friendly and eager to share their experiences!  Great at giving an inside taste of a room without spoilers.  Helped my friends choose where to go when traveling!" ✍️

escape one algarve

Escape One Algarve 🇵🇹


"We only met Cici and Brandon due to COVID and being forced to go online with our games, but it's been an absolute pleasure! They've given great feedback when asked to test a game and have been a real help in spreading the word about us. We always get a litle surge in bookings whenever they mention our games. Not only that, but they even invite us to play games with them, which to me proves they care as much about the owners as the games themselves." ✍️

escape plan.jpg

Escape Plan 🇬🇧


"ESCAPETHEROOMers are a really fun team and they have a cool video channel which is worth following!  it's nice that they don't try to explicitly rate a game but just explore likes and dislikes.  also, they're just really nice, fun people!" ✍️

CLOSED_Escape Rehoboth.png

Escape Rehoboth 🇺🇸


"So excited to host ESCAPETHEROOMers last week... We loved discussing the escape room industry with Brandon & Cici and wish them the best in their future travels!"✍️

escape room woodbridge.png

Escape Room Woodbridge 🇺🇸


"Very knowledgeable and well versed in industry news, updates, and escape room gaming..."✍️

escape rooms connecticut.png

Escape Rooms Connecticut 🇺🇸


"Thank you ESCAPETHEROOMers for an awesome review.  It was so great hosting you both.  Come visit us again very soon!"✍️

escape rooms ennis

Escape Rooms Ennis 🇮🇪


"ESCAPETHEROOMers have a great deal of experience as players around the world, and we value their input about what is currently happening on the escape room scene. They have given us some useful tips after visiting our rooms that we implemented immediately, and it is great to get feedback from players with that kind of experience. We appreciate their efforts to promote the escape room industry, particularly in the current climate."✍️


Escapedom 🇺🇸


"We would like to give a huge thank you to ESCAPETHEROOMers - a review website that played our newest room - "The Cranial Carnival!" during their visit to the west coast.  We hope you had a great experience."✍️

CLOSED_Escape It.png

Escape It 🇺🇸


"Thanks for coming out and trying our rooms! @ESCAPETHEROOMers can’t wait to have you back to try out our “ Hotel Suite” experience!"✍️


Escapism, LLC 🇺🇸


"Had the privilege of hosting this wonderful duo - ESCAPETHEROOMers.  They came and played all 3 games at Escapism, LLC and they were so delightful!  We thoroughly enjoyed their company and were so humbled they found us and stopped by!... and their dog - Lili!"✍️

fantasy escape games

Fantasy Escape Games 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers have always provided incredible insight, reviews, and support to the entire escape room community. There is no better source for the sheer number of game reviews across the globe and of all types of games. On top of it all, Cici and Brandon are incredibly kind and informative, and put up extremely fun and awesome events. If you’re looking to find the perfect game for your group or for what’s new in the industry, look no further than ESCAPETHEROOMers. Their passion and dedication to informing the entire community of players and keeping the community of owners and designers connected is truly extraordinary."✍️


Fuzzy Logic Escape Room 🇺🇸


"Big thanks to the ESCAPETHEROOMers team for all their hard work in recognizing and celebrating escape room creators all around the world! Their support has helped people learn more about great games out there and for creators to learn more from each other as well!"✍️


Haiku Games 🇺🇸


"I am always searching for new escape or puzzle experiences for my work team, but it can be tricky to find a good fit. We are 8 people and, being a game company ourselves (Haiku Games), we are all experienced puzzle solvers. For some reason I hadn't tapped into the resource of asking bloggers directly for recommendations, and when I did, the ESCAPETHEROOMers were so great! Their reply was prompt, personal, and perfect. They recommended a great game that I don't think I ever would have come across on my own (Puzzle Wars by The Puzzle Room) and my team had an amazing time playing. We are so grateful for the time and effort put in by the ESCAPETHEROOMers. They are friendly, their website is user-friendly, and they are just all around a great resource. Thank you!"✍️

hourglass escapes.png

Hourglass Escapes 🇺🇸


"The team at ESCAPETHEROOMers has been amazing! They are fair and honest reviewers who also support the industry. They gave fair and honest reviews with some great suggestions where we could improve our games but in a way that made sense and did make them much better."✍️

inside castlebar.png

Inside Castlebar 🇮🇪


"That lovely couple full of energy and enthusiasm is doing an amazing job for the whole escape room industry. They giving  a lot of useful feedback and tips how improve details after games and doing a complex reviews. I played a few games with them as well and I had a really good time. Keep up a good work. "✍️

juan pelotas

Juan Pelotas Team 🇪🇸


"The Juan Pelotas Team wants to thank you for your excellent work and occupation, making visible so many companies like ours. Having received the award for the best horror genre for “The Attic” motivates us to keep working and projecting more rooms.  Thank you so much!!!"✍️


Lock & Clue Escape Rooms 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers have two very professional and knowledgeable Escape Room Critics at the helm. They are super-enthusiastic about escape rooms and put forth a huge amount of effort to help draw attention to escape businesses, big and small, around the world!"✍️

lockdown paphos.jpg

Lockdown Paphos 🇨🇾


"We have been in business for six years with live escape games in our two sites in Paphos, Cyprus.  When the pandemic hit and tourism disappeared, the time came to finally set up an online game. We were sure to invite the ESCAPETHEROOMers team for a review. what a great experience meeting such passionate people. They were more than happy to stay online after the game to give some constructive feedback.  As a small, independent company on a Mediterranean island, we were interested to hear their comments with their experience of global online games.  Their coverage of our game on their website has been great and we hope that lots of international online players will now be able to find their way to sunny Cyprus."✍️


LockMe 🇵🇱


"ESCAPETHEROOMers is one of the best places on the internet with escape room content. Here you can find reliable reviews and interesting news.  If you want to be up to date on the escape room market, you need to follow ESCAPETHEROOMers!"✍️

lucifer escape room.png

Lucifer Escape Room 🇮🇹


"Special thanks to ESCAPETHEROOMers who from the US decided to come and try our room.  Enjoy a terrifying video interview!"✍️

memphis escape rooms

Memphis Escape Rooms 🇺🇸


"One of the things I appreciate the most about the ESCAPETHEROOMers gang is how genuine and passionate they are about the escape room industry. You can really tell that they love escape rooms and they love the industry, and it comes across in everything they do. So, while I'm grateful for all their hard work, I'm even more grateful for the attitude and spirit of fun and excitement that they approach it all with."✍️

mindtrap escape room

MindTrap Escape Room 🇺🇸


"Thank you ESCAPETHEROOMers for writing us an awesome review for our Livestream "Gold Rush" adventure. It was our pleasure to host your team."✍️

mystery maui escape room.jpg

Mystery Maui 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers in da house! It was a pleasure hosting Cici and Brandon, albeit only for a short time, but still a delight to be visited by escape room enthusiasts!"✍️


Mystified Escape Rooms 🇺🇸


"Thank you to the ETR's for taking the time to visit us in Mystic!  Just the 2 of them took on "The Curtain Call" and they did a great job working through the many challenges!"✍️

ocean state escape.jpg

Ocean State Escape 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers is such an amazing and vital organization to have for escape rooms!  Cici and Brandon go out of their way to bring more knowledge to this amazing industry.  We can't thank them enough fora ll they did for us!  Can't wait to see you guys again real soon!"✍️

scavenger escape budapest.png

Scavenger Escape Budapest 🇭🇺


"Scavenger Escape Budapest has also been visited by ESCAPETHEROOMers' Cici and Brandon, who are true free-range enthusiasts as they have already tested over 350 free-access rooms worldwide!  Thank you for the visit and the exciting conversations!"✍️

scenario escape room.jpg

Scenario Escape Room 🇺🇸


"Peace to Brandon and Cici and thank you for coming to play THE MAD RAPPER! They were great to talk to, genuine supporters of the industry, and just a couple unique and talented people. Their reviews give good insight without giving away too much and are definitely fair reviews you can trust.!" ✍️


The Adventure Is Real 🇬🇧


"ESCAPETHEROOMers have worked hard to create a great resource for escape rooms, offline and online. We were honoured to receive a BULLSEYE award from them!" ✍️

the escape game

The Escape Game 🇺🇸


"We are so thankful for ESCAPETHEROOMers and what they've done for our industry. It's clear to anyone engaging with their content that they genuinely love escape rooms. Thanks for your passion and positivity!!!" ✍️


The Escape Ventures 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers did a phenomenal job setting up an event that has brought us fantastic coverage from future clients that have have Never even heard of us before. Would highly recommend following their tactics and continue to follow their path." ✍️


The Exit Games FL 🇺🇸


"We have so much appreciation for the passion ESCAPETHEROOMers contributes to the escape room industry.  Their site is not only an amazing resource for enthusiasts and owners alike, but they created an amazing event to support and recognize companies from around the world.  Thanks ESCAPETHEROOMers!" ✍️

the great escape room.png

The Great Escape Room 🇺🇸


"We have hosted ESCAPETHEROOMers at our venue in Downtown Orlando and would love to have them back any time!  They were kind and left a very detailed review of their experience. If you are a business, you can benefit from their well written reviews as well!" ✍️


The Lost Escape Room 🇺🇸


"We would like to thank ESCAPETHEROOMers for the contributions to the escape rooms industry. They go above and beyond with their expertise with escape rooms and their enthusiasm is top notch. Just the amount of time and effort they bring into their passion with reviews, awards, and knowledge is inspiring to owners. A very sincere thank you. - The LOST Escape Room - WV" ✍️


Trapped! Escape Room LV 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers are great advocates for the escape room industry.  Brandon and Cici are very passionate and knowledgeable and it shows in all they do." ✍️

twisted escapes.jpg

Twisted Escapes 🇺🇸


"Cici & Brandon from ESCAPETHEROOMers visit Twisted Escapes again! It’s always a pleasure hosting such great people!" ✍️

virtual escape games

Virtual Escape Games 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers is the best! The entire team is fantastic, supportive, and very enthusiastic about the escape room company. Having them review my game brought customers that would otherwise not have heard about us. They gave excellent feedback on an early stage game that helped shape the final product and has now been played by over 15,000 players globally! I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to providing fun, detailed reviews of escape rooms around the world." ✍️

woodbury escape rooms.jpg

Woodbury Escape Rooms 🇦🇺


"We are so honored to have these US-based reviewers come and review our "Leaper" room.  Super happy that we also got the highest ranking among the 3 different rooms they played and gave our room an overall ranking of 8/10.  They have been everywhere around the world!" ✍️


YouEscape 🇬🇷


"All-around Amazing, fun and hard-working escape room enthusiasts, reviewers, v-loggers, and event organizers!
Thank you very much!!" ✍️

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