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Exit Escape Room NYC - "High Speed NYC"

Updated: Jan 20

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This is not our first time at Exit Escape Room NYC. We are excited to return to try two of their rooms today. The first room that we are trying is “High Speed NYC” which is available at both their old and new location (we are playing at this room at their old location). Currently this location (the old one) has three rooms (the other two being “Operation Dive” and “The Mission”). This location is in an office-like complex with an elevator and they are located on the 7th floor. When you enter the lobby of Exit Escape Room NYC, it's quite small but the two rooms that we’ve tried are pretty spacious in terms of size. We feel that the best number of players for the games are between 3-4 people, although we were able to successfully escape with just the two of us.

Our story began with us touring NYC on a lovely day until we hopped onto a train that has been abandoned by the conductor. We must figure out how to activate the emergency system to stop the train before it’s too late! Once we’ve been debriefed on the situation, our time started immediately.  “High Speed NYC” had a great idea to incorporate the iconic NYC subway as a design set as we felt very at home here. As a native New Yorker, we know exactly what we are supposed to do on a busy train which helped us with a lot of the puzzles.   Everything is built in-house here by the owners, so it was impressive to see the details being incorporated. The subway chairs and metal rods felt like it was taken from a real subway line (no wonder I thought I saw some missing chairs on the 1 line the other day…ahem…). They are very big on reasoning here on the set design and puzzles where it has to make sense why a certain prop or a puzzle is being incorporated. For instance, if I’m on a train and I’m stuck, there wouldn’t be a toilet plunger lying around for me to use. Because of that, the game flow went very well. The only thing we can suggest making this more immersive would be maybe to add tv screens on the subways to resemble the passing time and stations. It would be cool to feel the “movement” visually other than sound. The mag locks placements were great as it was very obviously where certain object was revealed. We did have a little “wow” moment when we realized that there was still a lot to do as the game progressed so definitely make sure your time check is in place! So far this is our favorite room there and we can’t wait to try their newest room - "Sugar Rush" next at their new location!

* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

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