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Can You Escape? - Malta - "Santa's Hard Disk Broke!"

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Photos provided by Can You Escape? - Malta

Company: Can You Escape? - Malta

Game: Santa's Hard Disk Broke!

Country: Malta 🇲🇹

Language: English

Type of Game: Digital Escape Game 💻

Genre: Adventure

Date Played: 11/28/2020

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 5.5/10

Size of Team: 1-6 Players

Time: Unlimited

Price: €19.85


Santa has been quite busy preparing for this year's gift delivery. It's finally Christmas Eve and everything is ready to go or so he thought...It seems like the Hard Disk that contains everyone's address has became corrupted and you as his security officer needs to find a way to recover the information for him! You are the only hope to save Christmas this year!


You can purchase one code and play it as a team of up to 6 players. You can also easily play the game as a single player. We played it as a team of two and used around an hours time with no hints. The entire game is designed with an online portal called Telescape. In the portal, you're able to search for items separately and input passwords in your individual screen. Once a correct code has been entered, the item will unlock for the rest of the players. We enjoyed seeing the prerecorded lock opening videos as they added realism to the game. You might have to get use to the "unlocking" process as some are digits but other times you'll need to know how to combine items using words. Do read the instructions clearly before you start the game. We obviously didn't and had to go back to read the "tricky" question. There's a build-in hint system if you ever get stuck.

The main focus on the game is around an office desk. You'll be able to zoom in and out to search for items and get a closer look on items that are useful. The desk is decorated with all sorts of festivity items. It was easy to get lost but the creator did a great job with sorting together items that we still need to use and removing ones we've already used. We were surprised at how much content the creator was able to utilize from the design "space".


Since the puzzles were non linear, we split up and kept each other informed on the progress over Zoom. Being that whenever a player solves the right code a video will pop up for the rest of the players, everyone was kept up to speed on the progression of the game. The puzzles were really creative and had a good mixture of level of difficulty. I actually enjoyed one of the sudoku-like type of puzzle (I know right? That's got to say something)! Since we're quite familiar with this platform, it might have made it easier for us to get through the game but this is definitely one of the better games we've seen that used this portal design. The interactive puzzles were a lot of fun to do as a team.


I'm a sucker for holiday theme games. Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. The colorful decorations and joyful puzzle designs in this game really bought a smile to our faces. It's been a tough year and whenever we play a game that can make us forget reality for just a little bit, we're very grateful. This game is great for the holidays and can be enjoyed with friends and family all around. So gather your favorite people and organize a game date now!

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Disclosure: We thank Can You Escape? - Malta for providing us with a sample of the game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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