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Mission Room Escape Sydney (Pitt Street) - "Vampire Castle"

Updated: Apr 22

LOCATION:  Sydney, Australia
Mission Room Escape Sydney
Mission Room Escape Sydney - Vampire Castle

Photo above has been provided by Mission Room Escape Sydney

Date Played:  Dec 13, 2018

Price: $24.57/pp

Length of Time: 60 Minutes

Total # of Players: Up to 6 PPL

Difficulty Level: 5/10

Public/Private: Public

Escaped? Yes

Hint: Try to search for water.

Mission Room Escape Sydney currently has a total of five escape rooms to choose from. Four of them are located at their Pitt Street location on a couple of different floors and the fifth one is located at their George Street location. Today we are attempting two of their rooms - "Vampire Castle" and "The Lost Mine". We are super excited to experience these two rooms at Mission Room Escape Sydney since they pride themselves on implementing the latest technologies while providing an endless array of surprises. They are known to introduce and incorporate mechanical gear (lasers, special effects, automation, etc.). The "Vampire Castle" room starts off w/ basic decor while providing an eerie feeling as you search for clues. As you progress, the design of the puzzles do as well. Technology was definitely incorporated well into the theme of the storyline. We escaped the room w/ two people and a couple of minutes to spare!


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Disclosure: We thank Misson Room Escape Sydney for media discount tickets for this game. Although media discount was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.


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