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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In case you bought way too much toilet paper...There's always room for....

During this global Coronavirus pandemic, we like to remind everyone that there's also something equally scary - an economy crisis. Many escape rooms will not be able to survive through this long period of "quarantine". We are in awe of companies that are trying very hard to make their escape rooms safe for their customers. Many have stated that their rooms are being cleaned and disinfected constantly (using CDC guidelines), making their rooms private for the customers, providing disposable gloves, asking the customers that are feeling ill to postpone their visit and providing very lenient reschedule or cancellation policies. This is the time escape room enthusiasts show our love and support for the industry. This is also a great time to take advantage of these private games at a much lower cost. Together we will escape COVID-19!

We have listed the US and Canada companies who have notified us on all of their bookings now becoming private only or have always been private bookings. If your company is not on the list and would like to be added please let us know. Areas outside of North America will not be listed since most of the companies do offer private games ONLY. If you normally do not offer private rooms but is changing the policy due to the pandemic, please let us know and we can add it to the list).

Click Here for the Full List

Here are PRIVATE bookings only companies in Canada:

Fazed Escape Rooms - Burlington, Ontario

District 3 Escape Rooms - Regina, Saskatchewan

Narrow Escape - Oakville, Ontario

Escapology - London, Ontario

Escapology - Montreal

Omescape - Markham, Ontario

Omescape - Scarborogh, Ontario

Let the Escape Room come to you:

Aftermath NL can visit you at home in the Netherlands. Designed for 6 to 25 players, with an agent in attendance to present, brief, debrief and supervise.

Here are some items that might come in handy (especially the handy hand, sold on amazon for $7.99) if you want to implement some extra security measures:

If you are going on an escape room adventure we love to hear your story! Please stay safe and we can't wait for this to be over so we can bring you along our exciting journeys that we have planned this year!

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