Holiday Themed Games and Gift Ideas!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

This year's holidays will probably feel quite different than the past years since most people will probably be staying at home (instead of traveling) and avoiding large gatherings. We've gathered some fun in-person/remote escape rooms, online games, tabletop games and other gift ideas that hopefully will bring you some laughter and send off the bad jujus from this year. Looking forward to a fresh start in the year 2021!

In-person/Remote/Audio/VR Escape Rooms:

13th Hour - Special Christmas Haunt (In-Person)

5th Street Escape Room - PA, USA, - Christmas in Paradise (In-person)

60 Minute Missions - PA, USA - Reindeer Revolt (In-person)

60 To Escape - WI, USA - Christmas Crisis (In-person)

A Great Escape at Gardner Village - UT, USA - A Who's Holiday Christmas Escape (In-Person)

A2Z Escape - KS, USA - A Very COVID Christmas (In-person)

Ace of Escape - AZ, USA - Holiday HiBEARnation! (In-person)

Adrenaline Escape - UK - Merry Mischief (In-person)

Amarillo Escape and Mystery- TX, USA - The Christmas Caper (In-Person)

Armadillo Escape Room Adventure - TX, USA - A Christmas Scramble: Naughty or Nice (In-Person)

Axxiom Escape Rooms - DE, USA - The Fate of the North Pole (In-Person)

Beat The Clock Escape Rooms - FL, USA - Runaway Sleigh (In-Person)

Beverley Breakout Escape Rooms - UK - The Great Elf Rescue (In-Person)

Beyond Breakout - UK - An Elfin' Mistake (In-person/Remote)

Black Hills Escape Rooms - SD, USA - "Naughty or Nice" (In-Person)

Bluff City Escape Rooms - TN, USA - Elf Initiation (In-Person)

Brain Busters Escape Rooms - AL,USA - Christmas Chaos (In-Person)

BR8KOUT Escape Rooms - WI, USA - The Mean One's Christmas (In-Person)

Breakout Escape Rooms - MI, USA - Elf Myself (In-Person)

Breakout KC - MO, USA - Nick of Time (In-Person)

Break Free Escape Room - TX, USA - Christmas Crisis (In-Person)

Brighton Asylum - NJ, USA - Santa's Slay (In-Person)

Bull City Escape - NC, USA - Elf's Revenge (In-Person)

Camp Adventureland - DE, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-Person)

Can You Escape? Tampa - FL, USA - Ho, Ho, Oh no! (In-Person)

Catch 22 Rooms - UK - The night before Christmas (In-Person)

Central Arkansas Escape Rooms - AR - Elf (In-Person)

Challenge Escape Rooms - NY, USA - Santa's Workshop Escape (In-Person)

Chico Escape Rooms - CA, USA - The List (In-Person)

Chorus Productions - USA - NYE: The Dissolution (Online Theater)

CleVR Escape - CA, USA - The List (In-Person)

Codeword Escape - CT, USA - Gangster Gnomes Christmas Catastrophe (In-person)

Constant Evolution Escape Rooms - AZ, USA - Christmas Crisis (In-Person)

Conquer The Clock ER- PA, USA - Christmas Chaos 2 & All I Want for Christmas (In-Person)

Cooperstown Escape Rooms - NY, USA - Elf Help! (In-Person)

Countdown 2 Escape - TX, USA - The Case of the Missing Toys (In-Person)

Cracked It Escape Games - NC, USA - DEFCON: Once Upon A... (In-Person)

Cracked Norman - OK, USA - Oh, Christmas! (In-Person)

Cryptic Pursuits - PA, USA - Mission: Toy Strike (In-Person)

Deadlock Escape - Canada - Naughty or Nice (In-Person)

DelftEscape - Netherlands, Santa's Secret (In-Person)

District 3 Escape Room - Canada - Christmas Story (VR)

Doldrick's ER - FL, USA - Red Sled Redemption At the Holly Jolly Holiday Hubcap Repair (In-Person)

Doylestown Escape Room ​- PA, USA - Light, Camera...Christmas! (In-Person)

Dream Rooms - Spain - Missing: Save Christmas for kids (In-Person)

Durham Escape Rooms - Ontario, Canada - Reindeer Games (In-Person)

East Coast Escape Room - NJ, USA - The Christmas Exchange (In-Person)

Enigma Live Escape Room - UK - Arctic Academy (Remote)

Enigma VT - VT, USA - Santa's Naughty List (In-Person)

Epic Escape - New Zealand - Christmas Catastrophe (In-Person)

Escapade 360 - IL, USA - Save Santa (In-Person)

Escape 60 Peoria - IL, USA - Reindeer Games (In-Person)

Escape2Win - VA, USA - The Elf Who Stole Christmas (In-Person)

EscapeWorks Denver - CO, USA - A Christmas Story Escape (In-Person/Remote) Discount: $5/off pp: XMASONLINE

Escape Again Rooms - TX, USA - Santa (In-Person)

Escape Artist - NC, USA - North Pole Meltdown (In-Person)

Escape Confusion - PA. USA - The Lost Snow Globe (In-Person)

Escape Down Under - IN,USA - 'Toys the Night Before Christmas (In-Person)

Escape Eight - SC, USA - Operation Christmas (In-Person)

Escape Enterprise - AL, USA - It's A 2020 Christmas (In-Person)

Epic Escape Game - CO, USA - Save Christmas (In-Person)

Epic Escape New Zealand - Christmas Catastrophe (In-Person)

Escape 207 - ME, USA - Santa's Sleigh (In-Person)

Escape 211 - VA, USA - Claus Caper (In-Person)

Escape Game Knoxville - TN, USA - Christmas Mischief (In-Person)

Escape Games Live - PA, USA - Sweet Endings: Merry Movie Mash-Up (In-Person)

Escape Hilo - HI, USA - Christmas Mystery (In-Person)

Escape It Grandview - OH, USA - Christmas at Grandmas (In-Person)

Escape, Jr. - Fargo - ND, USA - A Christmas Adventure (In-Person)

Escape Kent - UK - Missing at Christmas (In-Person)

Escape On Main - MO, USA - Saving Christmas Traditions (In-Person)

Escape Room Alexandria - MN, USA - Saving Christmas (In-Person)

Escape Room Arlington - VA, USA - Christmas in the Attic (In-Person)

Escape Room Breckenridge - CO, USA - Santa's Naughty List (In-Person)

Escape Room Center - NJ, USA - Christmas Elf Mystery Room (In-Person)

Escape Room Entertainment - FL, USA - Christmas Blackout (In-Person)

Escape Room Era - CA, USA - Christmas at Franklin's (In-Person)

Escape Room Fort Myers - FL, USA - Santa's Office (In-Person)

Escape Room L.A. - CA, USA - Have You Got What it Takes To Be An Elf? (Audio)

Escape Room Lafayette - LA. USA - The Naughty List (In-Person)

Escape Room Loco - VA, USA - The Thief Who Stole Christmas (In-Person)

Escape Room Salinas - CA, USA - The Naughty List (In-Person)

Escape Room Wisconsin - WI, USA - The Naughty List (In-Person)

Escape Rooms Brunswick - ME, USA - The Christmas Portal (In-Person)

Escape Rooms Durham - UK - Naughty or Nice 2 (In-Person)

Escape Rooms Ennis - Ireland - Secret Agent Elf (In-Person)

Escape Rooms FL - FL, USA - Santa's "The List" (In-Person)

Escape Rooms Jamestown - NY, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-Person)

Escape Rooms Unlocked - FL, USA - Santa's Secret (In-Person)

Escape Shreveport - LA, USA - North Pole Bandit (In-Person)

Escape The Clock - KS, USA - The Gingerbread Cottage (In-Person)

Escape The Game - UK - The Elf Who Stole Christmas (In-Person)

Escape the Island - TX, USA - Santa (In-Person)

Escape The Puzzle - NJ, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-person)

Escape The Room Oregon - OR , USA - Santa's Workshop (In-person/Remote)

Escape The Space - GA, USA - Christmas by Buddy (In-person/Remote)

Escape This - ID, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-person)

Escapes in Time - UT, USA - Santa's Been Kidnapped! (In-person)

Escapism Chester - UK - Santa's List (In-person)

Escapology - NJ, USA - Saving Santa (In-person/Remote)

Every Second Counts Escape Room - SC, USA - The Christmas Crook (In-Person)

Exodus Escape Room - CA, USA - The Santa Clause & Winter Vacation (In-Person)

Expedition Escape! - PA, USA - The List (In-Person)

Fantasy Escape Games - CA, USA - Saving Scrooge (Audio)

Fort Smith Escape Room - AR, USA - Christmas Around the World 2020 & Christmas Chaos (In-Person)

Game On Escape Rooms - NC, USA - Grinched (In-Person)

Get Lost Escape Rooms - UK - Worst Christmas Ever: Elfy's Broken Heart (In-Person)

Great Room Escape - UT, USA - Mission: Save Christmas! (In-Person)

Harz Escape - Germany - Santa's Golden Book (In-Person)

Headlock Escape Rooms - UK - Cracking Christmas (Remote)

Hidden Key Escape Games - MT. USA - Christmas Caper In-Person)

HintHunt - Dubai, UAE - Merry Mystery (In-Person)

HomeTown Escapes - SC, USA - Saving Christmas (In-Person)

Hourglass Escape Rooms - AR, USA - Amazing Christmas Race (In-Person Puzzle Hunt)

iEscape Rooms - NC, USA - A Letter to Santa (In-Person)

Improbable Escapes - Canada - The Hot Chocolate Incident (Remote)

In Time Escape Rooms - UK - Christmas Pudding (In-Person)

Indizio - Germany - Santa's List (In-person/Remote)

Inferno Escape Room - AZ, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-Person)

IQ Escape South Hill - PA, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-Person)

Labyrinth Escape Games - ID, USA - The Naughty List! (In-Person)

Lock & Code - UK - Christmas Post & National Elf Service (In-Person)

Locked Away Escapes - AR, USA - Jingle Bell Lock (In-Person)

Locked In Escape Room - UK - Elf S.O.S. (In-Person)

Logic Escape Rooms - TX, USA - The Christmas Crisis (In-Person)

Mastermind Room Escape - MO, USA - Elf Escape (In-Person)

Memphis Escape Rooms - TN, USA - Naughty or Nice (In-Person)

Mind Bender Escape Rooms - KY, USA - Humbug's Christmas Caper (In-Person)

Mission Escape - VA, USA - The List (In-Person)

Mississippi Mind Trap - MO, USA - Scrooge! (In-Person)

Murfreesboro Escape Rooms - TN, USA - Santa's Messy Workshop (In-Person)

Museum of Intrigue - NY, USA - Operation: Red Sled (Remote)

Mystery Escape Room - AZ, USA - The Ghost's of Christmas (In-Person)

Mystery Escape Room - UT, USA - Christmas Toyland (In-Person)

Mystery Mansion Escape Room - AR, USA - Santa's Naughty List (In-Person)

Mystery NH - NH, USA - Santa's Dilemma (In-Person)

Mythologic Escape Rooms - UK - The Christmas Caper (In-Person)

Nexus Escape Room- FL, USA - Saving Santa Paws (In-Person)

NW Escape Experience - WA, USA - CSI: North Pole (Remote)

NWA Escape Room Arkansas - AR, USA - Santa's Workshop (In-Person)

Nocturne Adventures - NC, USA - Christmas Spirit (In-Person)

North Texas Escape Rooms - TX, USA - Santa's Cookie Rescue & Christmas Break Out (In-Person)

Not Another Escape Room - CA, USA - A Christmas Carol (In-Person)

Ocean State Escape - RI, USA - The Mischievous Elves (In-Person)

One Way Out Escape Room - FL, USA - A Not So Silent Night (In-Person)

OTR Escape - OH, USA - Santa's Workshop Heist (In-Person)

Outside The Box - MA,USA - Nick of Time (In-Person)

ParadigmQ - WA, USA - The Fright Before Christmas (In-Person)

Paranoia Quest Escape the room - GA, USA - Who Stole Christmas (In-Person)

Perplexity Games Escape Room Cleveland - OH, USA - The Naughty List (In-Person)

Planet Deadline Escape Rooms - CO, USA - Christmas Impossible (In-Person)

Premier Escape Adventures - FL, USA - Crisis at the North Pole (In-Person)

Psychopath Escape Room - WV, USA - North Pole Melt Down (In-Person)

Puzzled307 Escape Room - WY, USA - Ho! Ho! Oh, NO! (In-Person)

RazoomGames Quests - Russia - New Year's Quest Trees for Children (In-Person)

Ready Set Escape - SC, USA - Santa's Cabin (In-Person)

Real Escape - CA, USA - The Christmas Fixer-Upper (In-Person)

RED LOCK Escape Room - Australia - The Christmas Mystery (In-Person)

Riddle Cape Cod - MA, USA - The gingerbread Cottage (In-Person)

Rochester Escape Rooms - NY, USA - Santa's Naughty List (In-Person)

Rock Avenue Escape Room - FL, USA - Sus Christmas! (In-Person)

Room Escape Southend - Uk - Rudolph's Great Escape (Remote)

Room Escape Williamsburg - VA, USA - North Pole P.I. (In-Person)

Room with a Clue - HI, USA - Saving Christmas (In-Person)

Rush Hour Live Escape Games - VA, USA - Dashing Through My Dreams (In-Person)

&Scene - South Africa - A Christmas Kevin & The Case of the Present Pandemonium (Online Theater)

Seraphim Escape Rooms - Australia - Santa's Cottage H (In-Person)

Sixth Sense Escape Games - OK, USA - Help Save Christmas! (In-Person)

Southern Escape Room LA - LA, USA - The Naughty List (In-Person)

S.T.A.R. Escape Rooms - NE. USA - Team Santa Tryouts (In-Person)

Surelocked In Escape Games - MD, USA - The Great Santascape (In-Person)

Team Escape 262 - WI, USA - Operation: Save Christmas (In-Person)

The Escape Room Indianapolis - IN, USA - Coin Operated Christmas (In-Person)

The Escape Quest - SC - Operation: Runaway Reindeer (In-Person)

The Final Door Escape Room Columbia - SC, USA - Grinched (In-Person)

The Great Escape - SC, USA - Santa's Great Escape Photoshop (In-Person)

The Locked Door - UK - NO-ELves & Santas Workshop (In-Person)

The Locked Room - Canada - Ebenezer Scrooge & The MARLEI Machine (Remote)

The Secret Library - Here Comes Krampus Claus (Online Theater)

The Ultimate Escape Rooms - CA, USA - The Mischievous Nisse (Remote)

Themescape Escape Rooms - CO, USA - A Christmas Story (In-Person)

Tic Toc Escapes - NC, USA - A Very Tacky Christmas (In-Person)

Time Escape Loveland - CO, USA - Countdown to Christmas (In-Person)

Time to Escape Downtown Chattanooga - TN, USA - Saving Christmas (In-Person)

Timed Out Escape - NC, USA - Noel (In-Person)

Time’s Up Escape Rooms - Australia - Grinchmare Before Christmas (In-Person)

Times Up! Escape Rooms - NC, USA - The Elves Prank Escape (In-Person)

Trapped Bluffton - SC, USA - MISSING: Bitzy (In-Person)

Trapped Escape Room - OH, USA - Operation: Candy Cane (In-Person)

Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas - NV, USA - How the Puzzlemaster Stole Christmas (In-Person)

Trapped Puzzle Rooms - MN, USA - Holiday Whodunnit (Audio) & Nutcracker Nightmare (In-Person)

Unlocked: Escape Room Wooster - OH, USA - Who Stole Christmas (In-Person)

Vidor Escape Room - TX, USA - Mrs. Claus' Secret Ingredient (In-Person)

Vienna Mysteries - Austria - Santa Claus Kidnapped (In-Person)

Way of Escape Escape Room - CA, USA - Santa's List (In-Person)

What The Lock? - WI,USA - Jingled (In-Person)

Will To Escape - FL, USA - A Christmas Story (In-Person)

Will You Escape? Arizona - AZ, USA - Santa's Naughty List (In-Person)

Xcape Room Warehouse - TX, USA - The Naughty List (In-Person)

XIT Rooms - NC, USA - Santa Station (In-Person)

Xscape Now - UK - Christmas Escape Elfperience (In-Person)

Xtreme Xcapes - NC, USA - The Elf Emergency (In-Person)

Online Games/App Games:

Access Escape Room -A Christmas Conundrum (Online)

Bagels and Locks Studios - Israel - Holiday Quest: Chanukah Lights (Online)

Bewilder Box Escape Room & Eltham Escape Rooms - UK - B.R.U.C.E. Saves Christmas (Online)

Big Fish Games - Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Collector's Edition (APP)

Can You Escape Malta - Malta - Santa's Hard Disk Broke! (Online)

Casual Arts - Christmas Wonderland 7 (APP)

Codebusters - UK - Jingle Needs Help (for kids) (Online)

Defi-evasion - Canada - The Mysterious Present (Online)

Enigma Fellowship - Germany - The Missing Star (Online)

Escape Room Rosenheim - Germany - Lost Christmas (Online) - German

Escape Rooms Durham - UK - Santa's Christmas Rush (Online)

Escape The Crate - Escape: Christmas Past (Online)

Evadere - UK - Christmas Crisis (Online)

Fisher Huntz - USA - Christmas YouTube Escape Room (Online)

Help Us Escape - CA, USA - Santa, Yule Times Up! (Online)

The Locked Door - UK - Save Christmas (Online)

The Panic Room Escape - UK - CSI: Christmas Scene Investigation & Sherlock - A Not So Merry Christmas (Online)

Puzzling Hunts - USA - Sleighlink II: Santa’s Secret Mission (APP)

RC Escape Room Games - UK - A Christmas Carol (Online)

Red House Mysteries - UK - Christmas Treasure Hunt (Online)

Ri Riddle Room - RI, USA - The 12 Puzzles of Christmas (Online)

Xscape Now - UK - Rudolph’s Red Nose Rush (Online)

Tabletop/By Mail Games:

Dark Park Games - Netherlands - Dear Santa

Mystery Mail - UK - A Christmas Mystery

Scarlet Envelope - Canada - Christmas Puzzle Greeting Card

Quest Cards - UK - The Missing Elf

Gift Ideas:

Visit our Holiday Store HERE!

Holiday Movie Suggestions HERE!

CU Adventures - IL, USA - Solve Our Shirts

For more "Puzzles & Games" selections, visit our ultimate game list of over 2500+ games from all over the world!

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