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Immersia Escape Games - "Grand Immersia Hotel"

Updated: Mar 15

LOCATION:  Boisbriand, QC, Canada

Photo above is property of Immersia Escape Games

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  • 🔑 GAME: Grand Immersia Hotel

  • 📅 DATE PLAYED: June 16, 2022

  • 🎬 GENRE: Break-In, Heist

  • 🧠 DIFFICULTY (Based on 3 Players): 5/10


  • 🕒 LENGTH OF TIME: 60 Mins.

  • 💰 PRICE: CAD $32.99/PP

  • ☎️ BOOKING TYPE: Private



After many years, the Grand Immersia Hotel is finally reopening with a huge gala. The guest list will be full of politicians and celebrities from different industries. Before the opening, you and your group have just been kidnapped by some mysterious individuals. Driven by revenge, the individuals will only let you go once you break into the hotel and complete their objective. Will you be able to complete the objective or figure out a way to escape the kidnappers?

Video above is property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


  • The design and décor of the room was phenomenal. From the second we got in and every room we passed through; it was incredibly immersive and felt realistic. The hotel actually felt like... a hotel! There were even a few doors and places that we thought would lead to different rooms and we were waiting for them to open.

  • All the props in the room were amazing to check out from an old TV tube to the folding grate door.

  • The story was completely believable. Right from the start, they enveloped us into the story and room all the way until the end with many key checkpoints to continue the story.

  • All the puzzles were solid and made sense. None of them felt tedious or out of place. Everything blended together and ramped up well. We were able to knock out the first few puzzles quickly but had to work a little more in the middle.

  • There was a live actor used in the room. Though we did not interact with them directly, their presence added a lot of pressure and fun to the game.


  • This was an incredible experience and there was nothing that stood out as a miss.


"Grand Immersia Hotel" had us gripped from the get-go and we were engaged in the game the whole way through. The story absolutely took us for a ride. The set design and décor of the hotel knocked our socks off with how authentic everything looked. If you are into the heist-type themed games, this is one that needs to be played. We played with 2 experienced players, but felt up to 5 players could experience this room, beginners and veterans alike. The puzzles blended well with the story and played linear, but as we progressed through the room, there was a lot more space to explore for everyone. Though situated on the outskirts of Montreal, this room is absolutely worth the trip out to play.


  • Free Parking

  • This game can be played in either French or English

  • Lobby space with seating area

  • There is a large area to host events

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


Check out our interview with the creators to understand more on the development side of the game:

Video above is property of ESCAPETHEROOMers

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Disclosure: We thank Immersia Escape Games for comping our tickets for this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

Update: We also visited Immersia Escape Games and played "Grand Immersia Hotel" and "Weekend at the Shack" at their Laval location in March 2023!!