5 Wits West Nyack - "Tomb", "Drago's Castle", "Deep Space"

Updated: Aug 26

Photo & Video credit: 5 Wits West Nyack


Drago's Castle

Deep Space

Difficulty Level: 5/10

Public/Private: Public/ Private

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This is location is upstairs of the Palisades Center Mall. We had a group of six and got to the place right when it opened. The game masters were very accommodating and started us right away and there was no wait in between each rooms. The lobby is an open area with just the entrance to the three rooms. You enter into the same hallways but get debriefed at a different door each time depending on the game you are playing. It's definitely a more fun experience if you attend with people that you know share the same momentum and goal. Purchasing all 3 games is the most worth it, but when it gets busy you may have to share the room w/ random people or have to wait in between rooms. We're glad that we decided to try all 3 and receive the full experience. As for the rooms, if you like Disney rides, you are going to love these! The high tech quality of the props, storyline, and surround sound system implemented were all state-of-the-art. One minute, you'll feel like you're in an Egyptian tomb, the next in a futuristic spaceship, and then entering a hundred year old castle. The puzzles were not hard, some were actually pretty much geared towards kids. This is not your typical puzzle-heavy escape room. You are really here to experience a movie set and immerse yourself into it like an actor on set. We enjoyed all 3 rooms, but if we had to pick a favorite, I would say the "Tomb" is up there. They will give you a score at the end, pending on the time you spend in there, how many errors you've made, and if you used any of the clues or not (the clues are "voluntarily" given pending on the time you spend at a specific location because remember these are 30 minute rooms so the game will push you along and will not let you be stuck at a place for too long). Check out our proud scores below. Maybe not the castle one...

ETR Overall rating: 8.5/10

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