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ClockedIn - "The Murder Case at the Detective's Office"

Updated: Jan 6

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We are super happy that we got to spend our last day in Copenhagen, Denmark at ClockedIn. ClockedIn is one of the original escape rooms in Copenhagen. They are currently also ranked #1 on TripAdvisor. We arrived bright and early, super-charged with coffee to start our 3 back-to-back games at this location. The owner was very accommodating and blocked out the entire morning to host us.  ClockedIn is located in a very historical section area of Copenhagen. Right across the street from their location is the origin of "Carlsberg" beer, so be sure to check that out If you do visit. There’s also a busy shopping street full of brand name companies just a few minutes of a walk from there (you will see some of that footage in our Copenhagen travel video on our YouTube channel).

As you enter the courtyard, you feel like you have entered into an apartment complex. It is quite unique for them to have a commercial space in there. We loved how the owner utilized the wall as the “trophy wall" for winners to write, sign, and draw on. Of course, we tagged ourselves three times since we were able to get out of all three rooms with just the two of us (proud moment). Let us know if you can find us on the walls and if you do, take a picture and tag us!

The first room that we escaped was their original room - "The Murder Case at the Detective's Office”. The story line is that our team must enter the scene where a private detective was murdered and find out who killed him (this is so my kind of theme since I watch CSI religiously). I put on my Sherlock Holmes “hat” and took my Watson (Brandon) with me! Since we have played a good amount of escape rooms before, I would say we have seen a few tricks here in other places but there were a few that was cleverly utilized. We even got stumped on one later and had to use a clue to find it. Since this is one of their older rooms, it might be good idea to maintain some of the props. But overall they went along with the storyline quite well. I did like how the clues were very clear and to the point and it was easy to associate and solve. We felt that ClockedIn’s goal isn’t to trap people in their rooms but to let them have fun and actually escape. Perhaps that’s their secret of being #1 on the ranking. As an experienced player, we still had fun even though we got out with a good amount of time to spare. We can’t wait to get into their “The Mystery at The Secret Warehouse” room next!

** Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 8/10

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