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Mad Machines - "Time Machine"

Updated: Apr 23

LOCATION:  Milan, Italy
Mad Machines
Mad Machines - Time Machine

Photo above is property of Mad Machines

Photo above is property of ESCAPETHEROOMers

Date Played: October 15, 2023

Genre: Sci-Fi

Difficulty (Based on 3 PPL): 7/10

Total # of Players: 2-6 PPL

Length of Time: 60 Minutes

Price: €30-45/PP

Booking Type: Private

Escaped? Yes (49 Min)


Your team will enter the latest creation of Dr. Mad, his time machine! Before the game begins you will choose one of several time periods to visit. You could be a Pharaoh, a hippie, a knight, or an empress … the choice is yours!


  • Stepping into the reception area is a creative experience on its own, the appearance is bright, retro, and totally in keeping with the company’s theming. There is no one there to greet you, only a computer to guide you with instructions. Once everyone is settled and signed in you are allowed to progress to the briefing room where the robot Arturo awaits to provide further instructions.

  • Arturo was another highlight for us, and the true game hasn’t even begun yet! Mad Machines have definitely created one of the most interesting and unique methods of outlying the rules and mission to their guests. Not only is Arturo captivating, but he also provides your team with a warm up challenge before you enter the game for real.

  • I really don’t want to give too much away when it comes to the visuals and the plot line of the game. Suffice to say what we experienced was of the highest quality. The game is beautifully constructed with so much attention to detail. Teams will traverse different landscapes and make use of a large playing area. We loved how thematic the decorations were and also how engaging they proved to be.

  • The puzzles were all a delight to play. They were varied and had us moving, collaborating, and working together as a team. There really was a lot of things to get through and it wasn’t all easy!

  • What works well with great scenery and dynamic puzzles? A coherent and ever-present story. The story telling in this room is what sets it apart from other companies and has made it a fan favourite. Everything works together to make the story stay at the forefront of what you are doing and keeping you engaged throughout.

  • Photos! How easy it is, or should be, for escape room companies to provide teams with fun photo opportunities so they can not only remember, but also promote their experience online, but for the most part we are left disappointed… but not here! Taking our photo at the end in our 70’s getup was another highlight. To see our GM enter the room with a whole heap of props and costumes for us to dress up in was the icing on the cake!


  • I am not sure there is anything here to change. The game received a perfect score from us.


This is a must play for anyone who enjoys being in their own adventure. Good puzzles, immersive set design, and engaging storytelling. "Time Machine" rightly features on TERPECA’s top escape room list.


  • Free Parking

  • Public transportation (bus and subway) are a short walk away

  • Lobby are with seating available

  • Lockers available

  • Toiles accessible before and after game

Photos above are property of Mad Machines


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Disclosure: We thank Mad Machines for comping our tickets for this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion of the review whatsoever.


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