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Ransack @ Little India - "The Lost Relic"

LOCATION:  Little India, Singapore

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Inspired by the famous explorer Kristopher Cowlumbus, Pepper the Dinosaur embarked on a journey of his own, finding treasure in a temple not far from where he is. With a map and a scroll, help Pepper find the keys to unlocking this treasure, and you may just help this little dinosaur towards his first step to becoming an explorer in his own right!

Video above is property of Monster Day Tours


  • This is an overall bullseye point across the Ransack Puzzle Hunts thus far - Pepper the Dinosaur is a cute mascot that ties the tour story together. Your game master is accessible to your team, but is also thorough in presenting the lore of the hunt before you start. And at the end of each hunt, the game master presents you with a collectible pin aligned with the theme of that tour.

  • This hunt serves partly as a self-guided tour around Little India. On top of the puzzle book, you will get a single item that serves as a key tool to finishing your hunt, and a map of the area. You do not only go through the hunt, but have the opportunity to explore a landmark in Singapore in a different way.

  • Each puzzle required the player to be present on site, with the puzzle book, map, and key item to aid them in solving the trail. The experience is all-encompassing, with a cute mascot on your side!

  • Each route is constantly refreshed to align with any changes in the environment. This version of the hunt was revised for a tighter route and story.

  • Your entrance fee to the Indian Heritage Centre (it’s required to finish the puzzle hunt) is included in the package - so it’s like two attractions in one!


  • Like all Ransack hunts covered so far, hints were limited to the activity, with some hints just providing the answer outright, which may take the fun out of the puzzles.

  • The route for “The Lost Relic” is one of the longer routes in this series, hence the longer time limit.


Given how we have enjoyed ourselves with every puzzle hunt route by Ransack, I will be recommending this to anyone who wants something different to do for the weekend. This is also great for players or explorers who want to look at Singapore through a story-heavy, different lens.

Ransack refreshes their hunts every year as well - and this revision was definitely great fun for us. Again, participate in all of Ransack’s different puzzle hunts to complete your collection of Pepper the Dinosaur in various occupations!


Ransack is a gamification consultancy and the creator of the Ransack puzzle hunt series. With Pepper the Dinosaur, his stories, and the puzzle experiences, take a look at Singapore through a different lens. Find out more about their tours on .

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Disclosure: We thank Ransack for comping our tickets for this game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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