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REMOTE: Mysterious Room - "Mayan Temple Mystery"

Updated: Jan 21

Photos provided by Mysterious Room

Game: Mayan Temple Mystery

Country: Poland 🇵🇱

Language: English, Polish

Type of Game: Remote Escape Room 🗣

Genre: Adventure

Date Played: 1/13/2021

Difficulty (based on 5 players): 6/10

Size of Team: 2-6 Players

Time: 60 Minutes

Price: € 60.00/Team


Enter the home of a famous archeology professor and see if you can uncover the secrets behind his work. It seems like a Golden statue has been stolen years ago from a temple in the tropical jungle. Maybe you can help the professor recover this artifact?


Kasia, our avatar was in character from the start of the game. She was dressed ready for an "Indiana Jones" adventure. We also had a camera man that accompanied her for the entire game play. There was no inventory portal for the game but the creator did inform us that an App is coming soon to fix this issue. The set design was spectacular with lots of books, artifacts, and maps from various countries in the world. And if you were amazed by the beginning of the game, wait till what's in store for you later on...However because there's so much to see in the room, we felt a bit overwhelmed. The "searching" took a good amount of time since we had to inform the avatar to pick up every item as it was necessary for some puzzle components. It was very helpful that the avatar swayed us away from items that were not part of the game play. The storyline was great. We had a clear understanding on what we needed to accomplish in order to achieve the ending.


We really enjoyed watching the special effects that were created by completing certain puzzles. The paired sound effects also accompany the theme really well. There were some creative puzzles we haven't seen in awhile used in this room. A few of them needed a closer look (some also involved reading and various identifications of symbols) and an inventory system would've definitely helped at those situations. The puzzles were also non-linear. It would've been easily categorized as a "divide and conquer" room if you were to play this in person but due to the current set up of no inventory system, we were only able to play it as a group in a linear way.


We love Mayan Temple themed rooms. The thought of being in a jungle and looking at ancient symbols takes us out of reality right away. This could be a really solid room once its paired with an inventory system. If you were to give it a try right now, I would advise to use your cell phone as a tool to take photos (of course delete them after the game) so that you can enjoy a smoother game play.

𝔼𝕊ℂ𝔸ℙ𝔼𝕋ℍ𝔼ℝ𝕆𝕆𝕄𝕖𝕣𝕤❜ ℙ.𝕀.𝕤❜ 𝕋𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕤

Sarah D.

Overall set design was very high quality. There were many impressive hi-tech tricks and effects. We quite liked the sound effect feedback when you achieved something in the game, like an audio “pat on the back”. There was a LOT to look at. As soon as the game started I was thinking, how will we take all that in? Our host did a great job taking us through everything, even when we requested to look at additional items, or to have a second look at something. The puzzles were complex enough to be very satisfying when solved, but not so complex that you lose the logical path. Our host was on-screen at all times, sort of like a tour guide at a museum, being filmed by a second person. Although this wasn’t necessarily a negative, I can’t help but feel as though the “avatar” perspective is more immersive, and less like a tour?

One small complaint: there was a small item we missed despite a couple of inspections of the area, because it was not visible through the lens of the computer screen. Maybe it needs to be made more visible, or pointed out by the guide? When it came to printed material & maps it would have been very helpful for each player to be able to look at these things in their own time and in detail. But our host assured us that an inventory system to do this is in the works.

Our overall feeling of the experience was very positive, it was an excellent game with a lot of thought and time put into it. Not just “a pretty face” it had both impressive set design and equally good puzzle design and game flow.



Things I liked:

· Host (avatar) was very engaging and easy to understand

· Puzzles- The puzzles were unique and fun. Really liked the multistep approach to solving the puzzles.

· Story line/Immersion- Had a solid and consistent story line and all the rooms were very immersive.

Things that I felt could use improvement:

· Lack of inventory system- An inventory system with a 360° interactive “map” of the room is essential for an online avatar game. In addition to all actions being funneled down through the one avatar it felt a little spoon fed with the artifacts. Additionally, without an inventory system, I would remove a few of the extra artifacts that are not used for the game.

· One of the provided graphics appeared to be mirrored. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

I would recommend this game to be played in person. Would not recommend the game as an avatar game until the inventory system is functional.

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Disclosure: We thank Mysterious Room for comping our tickets for this game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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