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Starlux Games - "Word Treasures"

Photo above is property of Starlux Games

Company: Starlux Games

Game: Word Treasures

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Language: English

Type of Game: Puzzles By Mail 📬

Genre: Kids, Adventure

Date Played: November 12, 2023

Difficulty (based on 2 kids): 4/10 (Recommended ages 4-10)

Size of Team: Unlimited (Recommend 1-4 Players)

Time: Unlimited

Price: $24.90 USD


Send the kids out on a pirate adventure that will have them looking for treasure as they find clues leading from one place to the next. Using the contents of the box, you can also play other games, all in a sneaky way to teach them to vocabulary and critical thinking.


Looking in the box, we found an instruction page and a large deck for cards, some containing

riddles, some with pictures and some with words. The highlight of the box though was a large

glowing gem!

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


There was no single way to play this game. The instructions went through many ways that the

cards could be used, which were described for easy set up. The main one that we played was

the Scavenger Hunt game. The cards are broken up into 3 different decks. All of them

contained the same list of clues but shown in a different way. The easy deck had a picture of

what the clue was, the middle had the word, and the hard deck had a riddle, where the solution was the clue. All the clues were common places and items that could be found in a household, which made it easy to play and set up the scavenger hunt around the house. The game also came with a gem that lit up that could be placed in the last location.

There were also multiple games that could be used with the cards such as matching and

memory games. No side of the cards were wasted as there is also a puzzle to assemble on the

backside of the cards. Some of the highlights of the cards was the cute and fun pirate art on the easy cards and on the riddle cards, were fun pirate facts for the kids to learn.

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


There were many different puzzle challenges in the various games that could be played. My

kids who are 8 and 10 years old, loved the riddles. They were just the right amount of difficulty to get their gears turning but not too difficult to get them stuck. The jigsaw puzzles on the back too were something that they enjoyed putting together.

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


"Word Treasures" was an entertaining game that got the kids moving around and one of those

games where they were secretly learning through the vocabulary and riddles, without knowing it. The glowing gem was also a nice touch which surprised the kids at the end. The age range for this was between 4 to 10 years old and we found this to be accurate, as the pictures were set for younger kids and can be altered and changed out depending on your children’s reading skills. The game was also versatile with many different options for play, making it a game we will pull of the shelf many times in the future.


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Disclosure: We thank Starlux Games for providing us with samples of the game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.