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Strange Bird Immersive - "The Strange Secret of Mr. Adrian Rook"

Updated: 4 days ago

Photos provided by Strange Bird Immersive

Company: Strange Bird Immersive

Game: The Strange Secret of Mr. Adrian Rook

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Language: English

Type of Games: Online Immersive Experience 🎭

Genre: Mystery

Date Played: 9/11/2020

Difficulty (based on 6 players): 2/10

Size of Team: Up to 8 Players (Could be with paired with strangers)

Time: 90 Minutes

Price: $30.00/ pp

We received a peculiar invite to the Strange Bird's virtual Open House. It seems like something had gone wrong there. Adrian Rook, secretary to the Raven Queen, has gone missing! Perhaps with the help from the unusual tenants, we'll be able to unearth the mystery behind Mr. Rook's disappearance....

As we arrived at the Open House by Zoom (if we weren't on the road that day, we would've totally dressed up for this elegant event), we were greeted by a beautiful woman who's a tenant in the building. She seemed to be the secret keeper. As we sipped the drink of our choice, the show began. We visited 6 different tenants in their own apartments. When one tenant finished their performance, we would have to return to the main lobby to click on a different zoom link to be led to the next tenant's room. From learning about genetics to welding & whiskey to photography to tarot reading, everyone had their own personality and their specialties yet were all somehow connected with Mr. Rook. Although each actor only had the small space behind them to use as their stage, all of them were dressed as their character and the set design went well with their narrative. Our favorite moments were the audience participation moments. I loved the personalization of the taro card reading, the dream sharing, and of course, the virtual drinking! It was great to feel like we were part of the show. I was hoping to have even more of those chances to be able to interact with the actors more and perhaps finding out more "secrets" that we could use to solve the mystery.

For players who have played their in person escape room before, please note that this is not a puzzle heavy experience. There was a mystery to be solved at the end but it was mainly through picking up breadcrumbs from the performances. If you pay attention to the story told by each of the tenants, you may just learn about some real issues in this society. Every story had an embedded message. Strange Bird Immersive created an immersive theater experience where you might not get it on the spot but one day suddenly you might realize: "ohhh, that's what they were talking about." Even till this day we're still reminiscing the moments we shared with the unusual tenants at Strange Bird. We hope to meet them one day in person!


*** We regret to inform this game is no longer available for booking but check out other games on their website***

Disclosure: We thank Strange Bird Immersive for comping our tickets for this game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.