How to support your beloved ER family during this pandemic

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Dear all Escape Room Supporters,

We are deeply saddened by so many escape room closure news during this pandemic. We understand it's a measure that must be taken in order to return our lovely community to normal again but the rebuild will be a difficult road ahead.

We've compiled a list of companies that are still trying to give back to their loyal fans with discounted gift cards during this challenging period. We were only able to compile as much as we could from reading their social media posts and emails but we love it if you can let us know if we missed any. This is a great opportunity for you to also play your favorite games for less at a later. Of course you are welcome to purchase gift cards even if they are not at a discount for your favorite escape room locations as they are in need of your help to survive this and bounce back to normal once this is all over.

Click here for the list of companies (This is an international list so all companies are welcome to submit)

If you currently had a game booked and had to cancel, please consider a credit to use at a later time than a refund request. Many escape rooms are also offering a promotional discount if you decide to book at a later date.

We also noticed a lot of physical escape room locations have quickly came up with solutions that they can provide their fans online (either for free or private booking experiences). There are also previous companies that already had either online/sent home puzzles that we've added on the list as well. Once again if we missed any, please let us know.

  1. 999 Games

  2. Can You Escape MAlta's Online Escape Games: Covid 19-The Antidote & The Serial Killer (small Donation). They also have a live stream escape room game: "The Pub"

  3. Challenge Escape Games's Online Escape Games

  4. Clue Quest - Online Escape Game: Stolen IQ

  5. Creators United

  6. DarkPark's - "CONSPIRACY 19"

  7. Deadlocked Escape Room's "Insider" - If you purchase any escape room gift voucher anywhere and sent them a photo in an email (info@deadlockedrooms.com), they will give you access to "insider" for FREE

  8. Dispatch by Breakout

  9. Escape New Haven's Online Games - The Gallery, The Crypt, and Before Moonrise

  10. Escape Room Herndon's Complimentary Online puzzle - "POTTER'S ESCAPE"

  11. Escape Room The Game

  12. Family Game box by Granite State Escape Room (Will include a $25 Gift Card)

  13. Huisarrest

  14. Lock & Code Escape Room's downloadable games

  15. Locked Amsterdam's "The Submarine in VR"

  16. Locks&Keys - "ESCAPEMIC"

  17. Modern Fable - "Medogan"

  18. Mystery Escape Room Online

  19. Mystery of the Missing Mare by Reality Break Escapes

  20. Mystery Story: Utopia - FREE By Xcapade

  21. Palace Games - FREE online puzzle game: Palace of Destiny

  22. Project Escape - "THE BLACK HAWK"

  23. See Me Escape Room - Free Online Game

  24. Time's Up Escape Room's Free Printable Escape Games

  25. The Escape Game - TEG at Home

  26. Think Tank Escape Room

  27. Trap Door Escape Stream

If you are not looking to purchase anything, perhaps a simple shout out or re-post of your favorite escape room that you've played in the past will sent warmth to their hearts.

We believe the industry will bounce back even stronger than before! Sending our prayers to all the escape room/puzzle creators out there! Consider this a little well deserved time off to make more amazing creations for us in the near future!

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