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Venture Scapes' - "Planet X"

LOCATION:  Edmonton, AB, Canada

Photo above is property of Ventures Scapes'

Photo above is property of Venture Scapes'


Someone has been stealing planets across the galaxy and it is up to your team, the Protectors in Purple, to stop them. Travel across the universe, find the perpetrator’s lair and figure out where their next target is.


  • Some of the puzzles were designed large enough so that no one felt left out in the puzzle solving as well as the puzzle flow diverged to non-linear so we could stay involved.

  • This was a family friendly room that both my kids could get behind and enjoy, using a lot of cute, kid friendly nuances as well as some easier puzzles that they could solve on their own.

  • The narrative provided an engaging story that captivated the kids, which let them follow along and have a great time.

  • Knowing there is a lot of stigma with flashlights, we found they were used effectively here. The first room was slightly dark but fit the theme and we were not searching for minute details to solve puzzles. Everyone also got their own flashlight which was convenient.


  • A couple of puzzles could have been signposted better as we felt after trying the obvious clues, we stumbled on the answer through some secondary reasoning.


Venture Scapes' was a perfect family outing, and the room was family friendly with its fun

narrative. There was no tech but the kids enjoyed opening all the locks and some of the

puzzles were easy enough that the kids could participate and lead some of the solving. We

played with 2 adults and 2 kids and think this would be a great room for a family like ours or some beginner escape room players. The owner’s enthusiasm shows though the game, making sure you want to have a good time. This place would be great for a kids or teen birthday party or anyone who is wanting an introduction to escape rooms.


  • Free Parking

  • Party room available

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Large lobby with seating area


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