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We Made it to the Front Page of "The Progress-Index"!!

We are so excited to be featured on the front page of the January 27th issue of "The Progress-Index". The Progress-Index is a daily newspaper published in Petersburg, Virginia. The paper's roots trace to 1865, but its current moniker came about through the early-1920s merger of the Index-Appeal and the Evening Progress.

The writer of the article Kristi K. Higgins , perfectly captured and highlighted our VA escape room experiences. In the article, she also interviewed the owners of the three locations we've visited which are Room ESC, Gnome & Raven, and The Escape Adventures . There was one other location we didn't get to visit last time but will have to return one day to Escape Old Towne.

If the above image is too difficult to read, you can also go to this website HERE (you will need to subscribe for $1 to read the article).

We like to thank The Progress-Index and Kristi Higgins for giving us and the escape room industry this great coverage and we love to let more people know what they are and play and be addicted to them like we do. Our current room count has updated to 659 and we will definitely not slow down!


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