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"Behind The MasterMinds” was born during the pandemic where most of our joy was provided by playing games at home.  We just celebrated our one-year anniversary in July of 2021.  We can’t express how much we appreciate the support that we’ve gotten so far and how successful and popular the show has become.  This is a live streamed show that happens every Friday at 4PM ET.  You can watch the show on our “Behind the MasterMinds” FB, ESCAPETHEROOMers Twitch or YouTube channel.  Every episode will feature different game creators from all over the world.  Whether you are a first-time game creator trying to push out a product on Kickstarter or a prominent company with millions of followers, this show will give you a platform to tell your story to your fans.  During the show, audiences will get to interact and ask the creators questions, find out about their inspiration on making these games, exclusive behind the scenes content, and get the latest scoop on their future games.  Most importantly, you’ll get to enter raffles to win their games for FREE! 

  • If you are a player that likes to see one of your favorite game creators on the show that we haven’t hosted yet, contact us below!

  • If you are a game creator and would like to be a guest on the show, contact us below!

  • If you are a company that would like to be a sponsor of our show, contact us below!

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