"I would trust ESCAPETHEROOMers' immense experience.  Positive outlook on choosing my escape game experience. It's an added value that they are super cool and easy to get along with.  I wish nothing but the best for them and recommend to check out the awesome content they create on various platforms." ✍️

clueQuest 🇬🇧


"We had a great time with The ESCAPETHEROOMers. 

THX again for the interview :D This is a cool series of exploring thoughts, stories, people behind the puzzle makers." ✍️

Codeword Escape 🇺🇸


"Love ESCAPETHEROOMers.... and their pup!  Great couple who genuinely support escape room owners." ✍️

E.R.I.C. 🇬🇧


"Special thanks Cici and Brandon a/k/a ESCAPETHEROOMers for coming all the way from the US of A to ERIC 2019.  You can watch their coverage of the event, including interviews with many of the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees!" ✍️

Escape Hour Austin 🇺🇸


"Very sweet and are giving behind the scenes Q and A's.  Asking great questions that help others know what rooms to try." ✍️

Escape Long Beach 🇺🇸


"Super friendly and eager to share their experiences!  Great at giving an inside taste of a room without spoilers.  Helped my friends choose where to go when traveling!" ✍️

Escape Plan 🇬🇧


"ESCAPETHEROOMers are a really fun team and they have a cool video channel which is worth following!  it's nice that they don't try to explicitly rate a game but just explore likes and dislikes.  also, they're just really nice, fun people!" ✍️

Escape Rehoboth 🇺🇸


"So excited to host ESCAPETHEROOMers last week... We loved discussing the escape room industry with Brandon & Cici and wish them the best in their future travels!"✍️

Escape Room Woodbridge 🇺🇸


"Very knowledgeable and well versed in industry news, updates, and escape room gaming..."✍️

Escape Rooms Connecticut 🇺🇸


"Thank you ESCAPETHEROOMers for an awesome review.  It was so great hosting you both.  Come visit us again very soon!"✍️

Escapedom 🇺🇸


"We would like to give a huge thank you to ESCAPETHEROOMers - a review website that played our newest room - "The Cranial Carnival!" during their visit to the west coast.  We hope you had a great experience."✍️

Escape It 🇺🇸


"Thanks for coming out and trying our rooms! @ESCAPETHEROOMers can’t wait to have you back to try out our “ Hotel Suite” experience!"✍️

Escapism, LLC 🇺🇸


"Had the privilege of hosting this wonderful duo - ESCAPETHEROOMers.  They came and played all 3 games at Escapism, LLC and they were so delightful!  We thoroughly enjoyed their company and were so humbled they found us and stopped by!... and their dog - Lili!"✍️

Lucifer Escape Room 🇮🇹


"Special thanks to ESCAPETHEROOMers who from the US decided to come and try our room.  Enjoy a terrifying video interview!"✍️

MindTrap Escape Room 🇺🇸


"Thank you ESCAPETHEROOMers for writing us an awesome review for our Livestream "Gold Rush" adventure. It was our pleasure to host your team."✍️

Mystery Maui 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers in da house! It was a pleasure hosting Cici and Brandon, albeit only for a short time, but still a delight to be visited by escape room enthusiasts!"✍️

Mystified Escape Rooms 🇺🇸


"Thank you to the ETR's for taking the time to visit us in Mystic!  Just the 2 of them took on "The Curtain Call" and they did a great job working through the many challenges!"✍️

Ocean State Escape 🇺🇸


"ESCAPETHEROOMers is such an amazing and vital organization to have for escape rooms!  Cici and Brandon go out of their way to bring more knowledge to this amazing industry.  We can't thank them enough fora ll they did for us!  Can't wait to see you guys again real soon!"✍️

Scavenger Escape Budapest 🇭🇺


"Scavenger Escape Budapest has also been visited by ESCAPETHEROOMers' Cici and Brandon, who are true free-range enthusiasts as they have already tested over 350 free-access rooms worldwide!  Thank you for the visit and the exciting conversations!"✍️

Scenario Escape Room 🇺🇸


"Peace to Brandon and Cici and thank you for coming to play THE MAD RAPPER! They were great to talk to, genuine supporters of the industry, and just a couple unique and talented people. Their reviews give good insight without giving away too much and are definitely fair reviews you can trust.!" ✍️

The Great Escape Room 🇺🇸


"We have hosted ESCAPETHEROOMers at our venue in Downtown Orlando and would love to have them back any time!  They were kind and left a very detailed review of their experience. If you are a business, you can benefit from their well written reviews as well!" ✍️

Twisted Escapes 🇺🇸


"Cici & Brandon from ESCAPETHEROOMers visit Twisted Escapes again! It’s always a pleasure hosting such great people!" ✍️

Woodbury Escape Rooms 🇦🇺


"We are so honored to have these US-based reviewers come and review our "Leaper" room.  Super happy that we also got the highest ranking among the 3 different rooms they played and gave our room an overall ranking of 8/10.  They have been everywhere around the world!" ✍️

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