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Bullseye Awards


Last year, we had close to 30,000 votes for our 2021 Bulleye Award's "Player's Choice Awards" category with "Online Games", "Table-Top Games", "Live-Hosted Games", and "In-Person Escape Rooms". This year because more in-person adventures opened up, there are fewer games in the other categories. So, we've decided to combine "Online Games", Table-Top Games", and "Remote-Hosted Games" all in one category called "At-Home Games". The "In-Person Games" category this year will include not just "Escape Rooms" but also "Immersive experiences" and "Puzzle Hunts". 

Here are the dates & rules:

  1. The nominated game(s) must be active in 2022.

  2. One person can only vote/nominate once per day for the same game. But you're allowed to vote for different games on the same day. (Don't use the same name with a different email or vice versa. Our system will rule it out).

  3. The email account used must be valid (we’ll validate it after voting). Any bounced-back emails will be eliminated.

  • Dec 1st–15th:  Nomination Round –  Top 20* of each category will move on to the next round. 

  • Dec 16th–23th:  Semi-Finalist Round –  Top 10* finalists will move on to the next round.

  • Dec 24th–30th:  Finalist Round –  Top 3 winners will be announced during our annual Bullseye Award ceremony show on Jan 28th at 5PM EST.


*If there's a tie in the votes, both games will move on to the next round. We’ll update the results daily as votes come in. There will be no updates on the day prior to the end of the round in each round. 

Anyone who participated in submitting a vote will automatically be entered into the raffle where you’ll get a chance to win some awesome prizes at our ceremony! So vote each day to increase your chances! 


raffle prizes.png
raffle prizes.png

Check out the Semi-finalist page for more information!!

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