Maui Escape Rooms - "The Pirate Ship"

Updated: Jun 11

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Difficulty Level: 5.5/10

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Our second stop on the island of Maui, Hawaii is Maui Escape Rooms. They are located in the Whalers Village. As we were driving there, we noticed that the area has some really nice golf courses. When you drive into the complex, there's a parking lot for the village. Make sure you give the parking ticket to Maui Escape Room after the game so that they can validate it for your free parking. Whalers Village is a very nice shopping complex with a lot of stores and food selections. Maui Escape Rooms is located on the 3rd floor which you can either access by stairs or elevator. They also have banners everywhere (you can't miss the cute little ape signs)! This is a great location as you can see the beautiful beach head on so definitely plan a day here if you are in Maui. As we entered the lobby, we were greeted by the lovely manager of the location. She informed us that this is a new location for Maui Escape Room and they may take on another location in the mall to expand with more games in the future.

Currently, there's a total of 4 games at this location and we tried their most challenging one called "The Pirate Ship". The story is that we were captured and have to escape in an hour or else we'll be forced to walk that plank. As we entered the room, we were separated as captives and have to free ourselves first before starting the game. The music and design of the room instantly made us feel like we are on a pirate ship. In some rooms we tend to be way to "cautious" as we have the mentality of not breaking anything for the owners to have to maintain but we did feel that it was necessary to use a little more "force" for the one of the first parts of the puzzle. For escapers who loves to "decode", this is your heaven! We felt the puzzle designs were good for beginner escapees as they were very clearly marked and easy to follow, so don't be intimidated by the level of difficulty. They stuck to the theme of the boat and utilized everything they can think of that's related to what would be on a ship to create the puzzles. We also took a sneak peek at all of their other rooms and they all seem to be well designed to the theme and hopefully we'll be able to return one day to try them out! Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 9/10

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