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ARGYX Games - "Legacy - Hellas"

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Videos/ Photos provided by ARGYX Games

Company: ARGYX Games

Game: Legacy - Hellas

Country: France 🇫🇷

Language: English/ French

Type of Game: Puzzles By Mail 📬

Genre: Adventure

Date Played: 7/3/2020

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 5.5/10

Size of Team: Unlimited

Time: Unlimited

Price: €49 on Kickstarter

"LEGACY: Quest for a Family Treasure" is ARGYX Games's newest Kickstarter project. The story of the game is based in Marseille, France in Fall of 2019. One day you received a mysterious box containing a letter from your estranged father. He had left a family treasure hidden somewhere in Europe and you'll have to follow the clues he had left you in order to earn this inheritance. There are two parts to the LEGACY game. "Eiffel 1889" takes about 2-3 hours of play time and will have more puzzles and material to look through. "Hellas" is the second part of the game and will only take about 1 hour to complete. We only received the demo version of "Hellas" so our review will be focused on the second part of the game.

In the demo we received a map, pamphlets, photos, letters, cardboard 3D glasses, and 2 miniature items. We were informed by the developer that the final version will have improved graphics and documents, glass message bottle with a cork top and a pretty game box!

The materials were quite colorful and some appeared to have a sense of mystery. It was quite easy to "lure" us into the game. We received instructions on where to start (which was quite helpful especially given how much materials there were in the demo version already) and found out that we needed to use the internet quite quickly. The external game link was quite easy to use and it was mainly used to enter answers and use the self guided hints. The embedded music made us feel like we were in a little French town on the seaside.

Once you solve the first puzzle, it was quite easy to find certain icons that were associated with the next puzzle. The game also gave you instructions on what was your next mission. There was one icon we noticed that was missing in the demo so we have informed the developer to add it to the final game. One puzzle was quite hard to visualize (Brandon and a few of our blogger friends all had a hard time with it. I had to solve that puzzle on my own). Perhaps print the clues a bit darker for people with impaired visions. We really liked the miniature items that were used on several puzzles. It was nice to not feel like all the puzzles were "search and find" types. We love these little intricate pieces as they were what makes a game memorable.

We finished part 2 in about 40 minutes or so and truly enjoyed every bit of the "hunt". As part 1 and 2 are connected in terms of the story line, we are curious to see how part 1 ended. Part 2 also needed a more conclusive ending which the developer said they'll definitely provide in the final version. The finished product will contain (according to their kickstarter website) 40 realistic objects and documents: 8-page newspaper, letters, postcards, photographs, a A3-treasure map, the map of the Paris World Fair, glass bottle, chess pieces, miniatures items (watch, shovel...), book page, business card, pen, sliding puzzle, cardboard 3D glasses... and even a 3D Eiffel Tower! We would probably buy the game for the box alone! The kickstarter will end on August 2nd so if you want to get the game on a discount, remember to back it now!

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Disclosure: We thank ARGYX Games for providing us with a demo of the game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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