Claustrophobia - "Global Dominance"

Updated: Jul 21

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Company: Claustrophobia

Country: Russia 🇷🇺

Language: English, Russian

Type of Game: Role Playing Game

Genre: War, Strategy

Date Played: 6/7/2020

Difficulty (based on 20 players): 3/10

Size of Team: 10-90 Players

Time: 120 Minutes

Price: ~$20 pp

We weren't quite sure what we're getting ourselves into with "Global Dominance" as we haven't seen anything quite like it on the market yet. We've done role playing games but not to this scale in terms of the amount of people involved. On June 7th, we gathered the brightest minds of the industry (bloggers, enthusiasts and escape room managers/owners) and formed a super power team of 20 people from 8 different countries (USA, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, China, Belgium, and Czechia). The goal of the game was to obtain the best living standard for your country. You'll then have the highest ranking in the world.

We started with a peaceful introduction of ourselves in the lobby of Zoom. Our game master then divided the players into 5 different teams. Each team represented a country. The countries given for this game were USA, China, Germany, Iran and Russia. Each team had 4 members. There are 6 rounds in the game and you'll be able to discuss your strategies in the breakout rooms. It's best to select a spokesperson to be the president as after each round you'll be moved to the lobby again for a debriefing.

In each round, your team be given 10 minutes to plan your next moves. There was a lot of negotiation, backstabbing, bluffing, etc. The game was definitely intended for large teams as the more countries you have, the harder it is for you to guess who made the move on you. It was interesting to see the different approaches by different teams.

Besides the fun elements, the game also portrayed a cruel realty which different nations face every day. To have nuclear power means that there could be a potential war some day but without it, the nations fear that they would not be able to protect themselves. In this game of betrayal and distrust, will there ever be world peace? As the president of Russia (in the game), it was a very difficult decision to make to utilize nuclear weapons on anyone. I would never want to be put in the position in real life.

As we got closer to the end of the game, the situation got more exciting. All the "pretenders" and evil plans slowly emerged to the surface. The pollution levels were super high due to the use of nuclear weapons and a lot of cities were destroyed. The game also taught us a valuable lesson of what would happen to our beloved home if these decisions were to be made by the leaders of the world. We hope to always have world peace and to protect our homes to the best of our abilities.

For the sake of the game, the winners are:

1st Place: Germany

Escaping Cousins, Escape The Review, Review the Room, El Quinto Elemento

2nd Place:

Russia - ESCAPETHEROOMers, The Escape Game, China EGA

3rd Place:

Iran - Paruzal Games, Escape The Room, Tulleys Escape Room, SolveProgue

USA - The Haunt Girl, Escape Mattster, Trapped Escape Room, Society of Curiosity

4th Place:

China - District 3 Escape Room, Red Fox Escape Room, Prison Escape, Mystery Mansion Regina

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