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Code Candy Blue - "Amnesia!"

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Photo above is property of Code Candy Blue

Company: Code Candy Blue

Game: Amnesia!

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Language: English

Type of Game: Digital Escape Game 💻

Genre: War, Spy

Date Played: June 16, 2021

Difficulty (based on 6 players): 8/10

Size of Team: 2-6 Players (Min. of 2 Players Required)

Time: Unlimited (Suggested time 2 -3 hours)

Price: $24.80/ Team (up to 6 logins)


You woke up with a major headache. All you see in a dead body next to you. You have no recollection of who you are. Slowly you begin to uncover your identity through clues that were left behind. There is no time to waste as you just realized that you need to infiltrate a terrorist organization in order to stop them from stealing a nuclear warhead!

Video above is property of Code Candy Blue


We assembled a team of 6 over Zoom and each logged in with our own game code. The game is not synced so each of us will have to solve our own puzzles in order to proceed. I found that selecting one player to share his/her screen was very helpful to keep the team moving at the same pace. It's quite nice to have your own game code since you can control your own game and not be forced to move forward with the team. The purchaser will have 6 month to revisit the game before it expires.

At the beginning of each puzzle page, you'll have a short narrative giving you some context to the story. We really liked that there's an audio option as well for player's not too fond of reading but more importantly the reading voice really sounded like a professional voice actor pulling us deeper into the mystery.

The game contained mostly hi-res images as puzzle clues but occasionally we're able to "drag and drop" and interact with certain puzzles. As you "collected" the clues, they'll be put into your inventory bag. these are mainly documents so it'll open up as pop-up windows. Make sure to close them after use or else you might have too many windows by the end of the game. There were also nudging hints if you get stuck. I would highly recommend using them to keep the game flow.

Photos above are property of Code Candy Blue


The puzzles really made us feel like we're a spy. We had to search for high secrecy locations, infiltrate enemy headquarters, find ways to identify and retrieve intel, and more! If you feel like you're flying through the beginning of the game, wait till you get to the latter part. The game warms you up with puzzles like "search and find", questionnaires and easy decryptions. Some puzzles were multi-step ones that I was glad that I was not alone. We spend a good amount of time on a Math problem and a deduction puzzle. If you're a beginner, look into their "Training Day" game first before trying this game. This game definitely will satisfy the enthusiasts that are looking for a challenge.


Since we've played a good amount of digital escape games, it was quite nice to face a challenging one for once. We took about 2 hours to complete the game. I'm not going to lie, there were a few instances we almost pushed the "hint" button and lost some of players due to the complexity of a few of the puzzles. This is definitely a team game and you'll need to push each other through theses obstacles. Although the process caused some frustration, the satisfying "YES!" moment when we solved the puzzle as a team was a moment to remember forever.


(If you do decide to try this experience, give us a shoutout or tag us on social media so we know you heard it from "ESCAPETHEROOMers"!)

Disclosure: We thank Code Candy Blue for providing us with a sample of the game. Although complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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