Novus Escape Room (Middletown) - "Dreadnought"

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Difficulty Level: 7/10

Public/Private: Public

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Our next and last stop in Delaware is at Novus Escape Room in Middle Town. A Malaysia-made brand, BREAKOUT was founded in 2014 by 5 young Malaysians with its first two locations in Malaysia and now across the region in the United States (Novus), Canada, Saudi Arabia (Novus), South Korea and Myanmar. In the United States, there are two locations - Delaware and Florida. BREAKOUT and Novus is the first characters based real escape room game operator in the world which offers the combination of escape games with characters role-playing strategies. Each escape theme room is designed to have its own storyline, mindboggling puzzle, tasks, and stratagems that have to be completed within 45 – 60 minutes. The room that we are scheduled to play today is "Dreadnought". As we arrived, there was plenty of parking spaces available. The lobby decor was nice and showcased framed artwork of all the rooms at their location. Our room wasn't reset in time for our game which delayed the start time even though there was no one before us was no one before us. Although they utilized the space of the room design quite well, the decor was mediocre. As we were supposed to be on a ship, we didn't feel quite as immersed into the storyline as we could have. For the most part, the experience was entertaining up until the end. We didn't really feel like there was an ending to the story. Also, one of the "devices" that we found was defected and we needed the game master to come in and try to fix it. Although they paused our time, the device was unable to be fixed and they just handed us the key. We managed to escape with some time to spare but didn't feel like we got the full complete ending.

ETR Overall rating: 7/10

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