July 15, 2018 - Ultimate Escape, LLC - "Quest For The Throne"

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Difficulty Level: 6/10

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Finishing off their last room, we came back with another couple totaling four people to attempt the "Quest For The Throne" room. As mentioned in our previous reviews on the "Alien Abduction" and the "Secret Agent" room, the waiting area could use some updating. Since the owner builds his own rooms, there's no high tech equipment incorporated into your experience. Most of the puzzles were operated by number locks which we don't mind as long as they are logical which in this room they were. The hint system is quite unique as he basically puts the hints in correspondence with the puzzle folders. So it's extremely tempting to look at since they are right there and the hints are pretty much unlimited. We did use a few, but definitely tried to refrain from any temptation. The design was minimal to the theme but there was one "cool" gadget. It seems like sometimes it may be a bit "stuck" depending on how you use it. We did appreciate that the room didn't have too many red herrings and it was direct and to the point. The "Quest For The Throne" is definitely recommended for beginner escapers to try.

** UPDATE - We regret to inform you that "Ultimate Escape, LLC" has sold their company and is now called "MindBreak Escape Rooms".

ETR Overall rating: 6/10

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