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Escape Room Enigmarium - "Salvation Room 2: Inventor Čuden’s Wondrous Machine"

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

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This was a delighted surprise for us on this Europe trip. As our cruise docked quite far (in Koper, Slovenia), it looks us 2.5 hours by bus through heavy traffic to get to its capital city, Ljubljana (try to pronounce/spell this one). It was well worth it even though we ended up only having 2 hours to spend here before getting on the bus for another 2-hour journey back. When our tour guide gave us a map of the city of Ljubljana, it was like discovering GOLD! There were over 4 escape room companies within walking distance to where our bus was dropping us off! How could we miss this and not been prepared? So, without knowing which one we should try, we picked the one that had the most games and prayed that they will have an available room during the time that we were there. As we walked to the location, we realized how beautiful this city was. There were tons of shops along the Sava river. The city actually won the "Green Capital of Europe" in 2016. There was so much to do and so little time.

As we walked for about 10 minutes (we realized we already passed some escape room locations at this point), we saw a large sign along the walls of a building with Enigmarium Escape Room written all over it. We pressed on the buzzer at the door a few times and no one answered. I realized they have a number that you can call if this happens, so I guess they do accept walk-ins because the note says they are very close by. I was about to turn on my cell phone data to give it one last try when the door buzzed open. Yay!

As we walked down a long hallway, we saw the game master welcoming us near the door. We explained that we only have two hours here and they graciously squeezed us into one of their newest rooms, “Salvation Room 2: Inventor Čuden’s Wondrous Machine”. We didn’t waste anytime and went into the room right away after debriefing. The storyline was quite interesting as it was based on the fact that Ljubljana had a very big earthquake back in 1895 and out comes this famous inventor who invented a machine to prevent earthquakes. At this time the semi-graphical instrument just reported that there’s an earthquake that’s about to happen, but we don’t know where this inventor is. So, we have to go into his apartment in hopes to turn this machine on in time to save the beautiful city.

As we enter the room, the furniture did feel quite dated to fit the timeline. The owners build everything in-house so there was definitely uniqueness to its set design and puzzles. This room is extremely puzzle heavy. It wasn’t all locks and keys which made it more enjoyable. I loved how I was able to use some of the things I learned in high school (this was my showoff moment to Brandon) from math and science class an applied it to some of the puzzles. It’s not difficult so don’t be intimated, it’s just cleverly used. No puzzles repeated itself in terms of the design. There was one surprising factor that we’ve never seen before which cleverly fooled us when we first saw it. Later on, we heard from the game master that this building is quite old and protected so they don’t really have much freedom with the build of the room. So everything had to be worked around what was given.

This location currently holds 5 escape rooms. They also have an outdoor “escape adventure” game aptly titled "Unlocked". The most intriguing one, which we didn’t have time to try, is the “Sensperience” room which lets you experience all your senses on another level all while being blindfolded and seated in a chair.  From the escape room we just did, we already felt that this would be done really well as besides “smell” we felt that we used all the other senses in the salvation room. We recommend a larger group if you can for the room above. Although we escaped with two people there was definitely a lot of puzzles to go through. Another bonus is that regardless of how many people you bring (max 5), the price is the same and it’s per room. The only one that’s different is “Sensperience” as it’s a 90-minute game at 90 Euros. Enigmarium Escape room is a franchise and they have a few more escape room and entertainment locations under their belt. We would love to come back and visit them on our next journey back to Ljubljana! 

* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 9/10

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