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Le Donjon - "L'Alchimiste"

Updated: Jan 5

LOCATION:  Paris, France
Le Donjon
Le Donjon - L'Alchimiste

Photo above is property of Le Donjon

Photos above are property of Le Donjon

Date Played: July 21, 2023

Genre: Magic

Difficulty (Based on 3 PPL): 4/10

Total # of Players: 2-6 PPL (Ages 12+)

Length of Time: 60 Minutes

Price: €29-€55/PP (pending on team size)

Booking Type: Private

Escaped? Yes


You and your friends have been called by a famous alchemist in order to help him create the philosopher’s stone so he can revive someone he loved. He promised to teach you everything he knows about this secret art if you succeed. Do you trust him enough for this?

Video above is property of Le Donjon


  • The set is very well decorated: you have tons of elements that are in line with what you would expect to find in a wizard’s den and you will interact with lots of them to solve puzzles.

  • Some nice “Wow!” effects after the completion of some puzzles are very welcome and entertaining, it helps to keep a good pace during the session.

  • The game mastering is very well done: you will have to interact with a character at some point to move on, a bit of role play is always fun.

  • There is a pretty good diversity in the mechanisms involved in this room and they are pretty intuitive.


  • This room is a bit linear so I would recommend maximum 4 players, especially if you are experimented, otherwise you might be a bit frustrated for not doing much (also some rooms are a bit narrow for 6 people).

  • The backstory is not very convincing/ rich, but it’s easily forgivable as soon as we start the room, and the game mastering is good.

  • There is quite a lot of reading, that may be a potential drawback for some people who would favor more “action time”.

  • Unfortunately, this room is only available in french, but they are working on it for the english version.


This escape room is still very decent to play, even if nowadays there are quite some top notch escape rooms in Paris. If you are more into exploration, and contemplation and want to have an adventure at your own pace, with a bit of magic, you can try this one!


  • No parking (in Paris it’s pretty difficult to find a spot to park, usually I don’t recommend to use cars)

  • There are metro stations nearby (M3, 5, 8, 9, 11 République)

  • Pregnant women, people with physical disabilities and people suffering from epilepsy cannot play this room unfortunately: there are sometimes narrow passages and light effects.

  • There is no lobby but if really needed, toilets are available (they do not offer this spontaneously as it will take you out of the immersion, the game mastering starts in the street actually, before entering the building)

  • This game is currently only offered in French

Photos above are property of Le Donjon


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Le Donjon - L'Alchimiste
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