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Trap Door Escape Room (Red Bank) - "Bogeyman"

Updated: Jan 6

Photo + Video credit: Trap Door Escape Room

Difficulty Level: 7/10

Public/Private: Public

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For more information about the "Trap Door Escape Room" in Morristown, New Jersey, please read our reviews of the "F5 Tornado Escape" and the "Witch Hunt" rooms that we've experienced in the past. Today, we visit Trap Door Escape Room's very first location in Red Bank, New Jersey. This location has a small parking lot in front which can hold up to 7-8 cars at a time. We were fortunate enough to sit down and interview with two of the owners to learn more about the company. The owners & developers of Trap Door have been developing escape games for the past 6 years. Initially, their primary focus was Live Immersive Entertainment where they created experiences for viewers to interact with puzzles and characters from their devices. This is a service that they have incorporated into their escape rooms as well called "Escape Stream". The room that we did today - ""Bogeyman" is one of their scarier ones. It's actually classified into three options of scare modes - "No Fear", "Mild Fear", and "Full Fear". We opted for the "No Fear" option which has no live actors, BUT definitely has a few jump scares and an eerie setting throughout. There were many spots in the room you felt like a pair of eyes are watching you or your legs may be grabbed at any given time. Before entering, you also have an option to start in the little boy's room or his older teenage sister's room first and we chose the little boy's room. We didn't felt like there was any right or wrong choice there just a different version of play which was unique to this escape room theme. The room design was spectacular and clearly emulated a child's nightmare brought to life. The puzzles were not as challenging for expert players but we the scary atmosphere can definitely add to the difficulty level to think. If you are looking more for tons of puzzles to solve, then this room might not be right for you. Trap Door never disappoints when it comes to providing an immersive experience! The puzzle designs were cleverly developed to go along with the storyline. We look forward to trying their Cure Z (a 10 room zombie Acropolis experience) and their new room that'll be out soon for a 2 hour experience of an immersive role play experience in "The Greatest Freakshow".

ETR Overall rating: 9/10

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