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Mobile Escape - "Escape Mail - S01E04: On The Run"

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Photos provided by Mobile Escape

Company: Mobile Escape

Game: Escape Mail - S01E04: On The Run

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Language: English

Type of Game: Puzzles By Mail 📬

Genre: Adventure, Mystery

Time: Unlimited

Size of Team: Unlimited

Date Played: 11/28/2020

Price: $14.99 CAD or subscribe to save

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Continuing from Episode 3, Svetlana now arrives at a new location. JJ still needs her help to find that treasure. It seems like she has better safe-cracking skills than him. Let's get to the bottom of this mystery!


Episode 4 came in a letter sized envelope along with a passport, a luggage tag and a boarding pass. You'll need a QR scanner, internet and a special tool (although you might be able to eyeball it). We were curious to see how much play time it was going to give us since at first glance there wasn't much there for us to do. It definitely surprised us when information started to unravel as we began to examine the materials more closely. The intro to this game was quite unique and we appreciate Mobile Escape trying to give us something new every time. The centerpiece of this game was the passport and we really enjoyed the "transformation" of this clue piece and how it was able perfectly merge in with the storyline and puzzle elements.


Most of the puzzles in this episode was leaning towards visualization with some simple decoding. It went along with the theme of the story really well. The puzzles were not linear so you're be solving whichever you're able to spot first. We do suggest referring back to the intro instructions so you'll know what you're looking for. Besides one print mistake (the creators have already corrected this but just incase you have an older copy do refer to the hint system), we had a smooth run with this game. One thing we did notice is that because most of the puzzles revolved around the passport, all the players will have to hover around and try to solve whatever they are working on together as a team even though the game is not linear. This does get better at the latter part of the game but don't be a "hogger"!


This is probably one of our favorite episodes so far from Mobile Escape. The puzzles were very innovative and even if you did chose a "hard" difficulty level, it shouldn't really stump you as the puzzles all made sense. This episode really brought back memories when we're able to travel. Looking at all of those stamps on the passport made us feel sad but also appreciate this game a lot more as without it. we would be pretty bored at home. If you are stuck at home like us and looking for something fun to do, definitely give this subscription a try!

Check out our interview with the creators to understand more on the development side of these game:

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