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"STAY AT HOME" games (3000+!) from all over the world!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hi everyone!

We've started to gather this "master list" of "At Home Games" since March of 2020. The list has became a great resource for players and creators, In the list, you'll find games in various languages and from over 40+ countries. There's about 700+ companies and over 3,000 games listed. Whether you are looking for a free game, point-n-click game, game with an live avatar, puzzle trivia with a live host, tabletop games, puzzle book, print-n-cut, kids game or App/PC games, you should be able to find something to keep you entertained at home. We will continue to update this list DAILY as we discover new games on the market.

[ For The List ]

(Updated daily - Sorted by category and then by company name)

As players, we hope the list makes it convenient for you to find what you're looking for. If the company is offering the games for free as "pay-what-you-can" or "donation" method, we hope you would consider a small payment to help them during these difficult times.

If you are an owner or game creator, we hope this list can give you some insights to the different types of games and pricing that are out there. Perhaps it could even spark some creative ideas on new projects for the future. If your game is not listed on there and you would like to be listed, please email us.

We have divided the games into these categories below but the online gaming industry is changing so quickly that we'll be constantly updating our description as we see fit. For now here are the current categories (you can find this on the main page of the list as well):

  1. Remote Escape Room - Booking for a specific time is needed. There's an actual game master (avatar) who's set up physically in an escape room (you'll be viewing this over Zoom or other video conferencing device) and you'll be instructing them on what you would like them to do (including opening items, locks, etc...). The game is often times paired with an online inventory system.

  2. Audio Escape Game/ Live Stream Puzzle - Booking for a specific time is needed. The game master will not be in a physical escape room setting and you'll be meeting together via Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, etc. Audio games mostly will be paired with visual images or sound.

  3. Digital (Escape) Game (w/ or W/o GM) - Online game in point-n-click format. If there's a storyline that is similar to a mission where you'll need to escape or you're being timed, then we put it under digital escape game. Other wise, you'll just see it as digital game where it's more like a puzzle hunt. These will be delivered immediately to you via email or you can play it on their website. There are no game masters/ guides (unless we specify GM next to it). The GM will be there for hint guidance and tech issues. There's no narratives like in audio escape games. These games could have prerecorded video and audio components

  4. DIY Escape Kit - Can be downloaded from online immediately after purchase. Additional supplies may be required like a printer, scissors order to play the game. There usually some narratives involved although some are just plain puzzles. Some games will require you to combine online elements as well as the printouts.

  5. Online Puzzle Games - Riddles and Puzzles with no storyline. These will be delivered immediately to you via email or available on the website. Some may require printing.

  6. Puzzles by Mail (Books/Tabletop Games) - These are developing stories/ puzzle boxes/ board games that could be subscription based or just a one time purchase. It would most likely have to be mailed to you although some might have digital options.

  7. Escape/Strategy Video Games - PC or App Game

  8. Immersive Experiences - Theater production/Role Playing/Live streamed shows that's more focused on the narrative but have some light puzzles/mysteries elements

We've also separated out a category for Free Games and Kids Games on the list.

If you notice anything you've played recently that's missing on the list, we would really appreciated if you could EMAIL US that information. If there’s any errors that you were able to spot on the list, please contact us right away so we can amend them. Lastly... if you would like us to beta test or review your game, please email us. For players who would like to play a game or two with us, check out our tier programs on Patreon! We really love meeting new people from all over the world!

Most of all, enjoy these "At Home Games" and puzzle on!!!


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