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The Conan Doyle Estate & The Escape Room Guys - "Sherlocked: The Official Escape Room Puzzle Book"

Photo above is property of The Conan Doyle Estate & The Escape Room Guys

Company: The Conan Doyle Estate & The Escape Room Guys

Game: Sherlocked: The Official Escape Room Puzzle Book

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Language: English

Type of Game: Tabletop Games 📬

Genre: Puzzle Book

Date Played: April 20, 2023

Difficulty (based on 1 player): 3/10

Size of Team: 1 Player

Time: Approximately 4-5 Hrs.

Price: $20.12 (Paperback)


A peaceful afternoon at 221B Baker Street often turns into a whirlwind of investigation and running about at the drop of a hat. Thinking that his latest case only involves a strange burglary at the museum, Sherlock Holmes finds another case dropped on his and Watson’s lap - one of a murdered coachman, a governess with a questionable background, her enigmatic employer, and his missing children.

In this puzzle-studded, Choose Your Own Adventure novel, will you be able to aid Sherlock and Watson in their investigation and reach your desired outcome? Read and find out!

Photo above is property of The Conan Doyle Estate & The Escape Room Guys


The standalone book comes wrapped in motifs and colours you might associate with Sherlock Holmes (*coughs*A Study in Scarlet*coughs). This 240-page piece not only contains the main story in a mix of novel prose and choose your own adventure text, but also mini-puzzles and questions studded through the book itself. Quick Tip: Take note of the cover when the story nudges you to do so - it contains more than you think.

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


The participation and puzzles came two-fold. First, the flow of the story is dependent on your Choose Your Own Adventure choice. Based on what you read in each chapter or section, you can make your next step. Second, little puzzles and magnifying glasses ask questions to pique your interest or to get into Sherlock’s and Watson’s heads.

The puzzles are peppered through the text, or in notes and materials Sherlock and Watson receive. What was a little disappointing for me was how little impact the puzzles had in the grand scheme of things. This is especially when the majority of the puzzle questions asked ended up being answered either a few lines below the questions or on the next page regardless.

If you’re raring to dive into the questions before reading the story further, the hint system available at the back of the book is ready to help you. Afraid that you’ll end up spoiling yourself while trying to solve each puzzle? You’re still in luck. The hints are not placed in order, so it’s a good opportunity to warm up those puzzling muscles.

Photos above are property of The Conan Doyle Estate & The Escape Room Guys


Given the nature of the medium, most of the puzzles here are either a case of reading between the lines, word-based puzzles, or a good spot of Googling. There are a few visual puzzles located in the book’s appendix as needed (or elsewhere, check out the hints). Therefore, if you’re good with your comprehension, deduction, or just with your words, this book can give your reading session that bit of kick.

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


This book is for that deduction and investigation buff who does not want to leave their house. It can often feel like you have to choose between jumping into a great game or immersing yourself in a good book. With Sherlocked, perhaps you can hit both of these interests, and scratch that itch. That is, until Sherlock and Watson get another case!


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