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3rd Annual UK Escape Room Industry Conference (ERIC 2019)

This is our first time visiting the annual UK Escape Room Industry Conference (ERIC) but this is already their third year hosting the event. The 2019 conference was held at the beautiful CEME Conference Centre in the outskirts of London. Getting there by public transportation was quite easy but the organizers also conveniently provided free parking at the venue. The event ran for two full days from 9AM till 7:30PM with “after parties” until whenever! Lunch was included in the ticket price.

The main event organizers are Sarah Dodd, David Middleton and Sharan Gill. They have an awesome team of volunteers that assisted in making this event possible.

We are very grateful as we learned so much about the industry through this incredible schedule that they put together for us:

We were also very excited to participate on the blogger's prospective panel at the conference with bloggers from all over the world!

There were a lot of talented suppliers and escape room owners along with true enthusiasts and bloggers attending the event. We finally found people that were who as addicted to escape rooms as we were!

Since there were easily over 500 people at this event, we were only able to capture some footage and people we met along the way. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do because we are already anxious to come back next yr! If you are interested in coming to ERIC next yr and have questions about the event, feel free to contact us for information!

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