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Updated: Jun 11

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This is our fourth time visiting Mystified-Escape Room Adventures. Previously, we’ve played all three of their games so far: "The Paradox", "Keeper of The Light", and "Rendezvous with The Renaissance". Be sure to read our reviews to find out more about this escape location. They have recently retired the “Rendezvous with The Renaissance” room and replaced it with their new game which we’re playing today: “The Curtain Call”

The storyline for “The Curtain Call” had a bit of “Moulin Rouge” inspiration behind it. It seems like Belle, the cabaret’s leading lady at La Rouge Mystere is missing. There are already accidents happening backstage, and we were sent here to solve this mystery and hopefully find her before the curtain call.

Today, it’s just the two of us giving this brand-new game a stab. As we entered the room, the set design took us back to what feels like the waiting area behind the scenes to a cabaret show. I would say our “mistake” here was that we didn’t pull hard enough on some of the furnishings as most of the time we’re very careful and respectful of the props in the room. But this caused us a good amount of time as we literally just stood there and pondered for a long time before we used a clue to just to let us know to “pull the furniture harder”. There was one particular puzzle in there that also confused us a bit with the game flow since it could also be utilized again later. Perhaps if that can be fixed somehow, it would make the game flow a lot smoother. There were definitely less locks in this escape game versus tech, but it did make sense whenever a lock appeared. We were stuck on one puzzle at the end mainly because we were not good “searchers” and did not make it out in time. The game master later told us that this piece of the puzzle was intentionally made more difficult to visualize. You really need to pay attention to all details in this room. The props and the storyline were solid in this room as it really made it feel like you were going through a real-life backstage setting. We were amused by the ending as well and always appreciate an escape room that would go the extra mile to show a conclusion rather than just let you out with a key.

We appreciate Mystified-Escape Room Adventures’ creative themed rooms as they are always very unique and the best part is, they were all built in-house by a talented female owner. It’s always a different adventure every time at Mystified-Escape Room Adventures and we hope to return soon!

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