Puzzle Theory - "The Dimension Gate"

Updated: Jun 11

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We came bright and early to tackle 3 out of the 4 games at Puzzle Theory. There was plenty of parking outside their facility. As you entered the lobby, there was a cozy waiting area. The victory photo wall was decorated with their “Big Bang Theory” inspired logo and local artist work. All of their games are privately booked. Each game was unique in their own way but all revolved around Dr. X. They have actually retired two rooms already that was the origination point of Dr. X but you do not need to know prior knowledge or have to play these rooms in order.

The first room seemed to be the smallest in terms of size out of all the rooms we’ve tried and it’s called “The Dimension Gate”. Our recommendation is 2 people if you’ve played escape rooms before. Prior to starting the game, we were asked to fill a survey of questions which we later found out they actually became part of a puzzle in the room which was a nice personal touch. The room itself will let you pick the difficulty level pending on if you choose to use certain hints or not. There was one particular puzzle that we got stuck on which took several levels of “connecting the dots” to solve. In this room, we were supposed to go and find out what was happening to the people that were being sent into this Dimensional Gate that Dr. X invented. The entire room felt futuristic and heavy with mechanical equipment. There were no physical lock types in here which made sense with the theme of the room. The only thing we felt maybe could be a bit clearer is the way the “assistant” told the story as we still were not sure what had happened to us at the end. Perhaps a more “wow” moment could be added for the ending. We still really enjoyed this room from a set design aspect and puzzles as some are quite unique and we haven’t encountered them before. But no time to waste, on to the next realm! 

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Disclosure: We thank Puzzle Theory for comping our tickets for this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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