Puzzle Theory - "The Wizard Realm"

Updated: Jun 11

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“The Wizard Realm” was the next room we were being taken into. We recommend 3-4 people as an ideal size for this room. Just from the name alone, I knew I was going to really enjoy this room as I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and this room did not disappoint. Prior to entering the room, you’ll receive your own specialized wizarding school of magic acceptance letter. We were being sent in to infiltrate the school and find out what was happening with the strange readings we’ve been receiving. The props and set design seemed very “magical” and along with the music it really made us feel like we were on a movie set at a Harry Potter production. I particularly enjoyed the plant-like creature which you’re be allowed to take photos with after the game. We went through the first part of the room fairly quickly as the game flow and puzzles were very straight forward. When we got to the latter part, there was one particular puzzle that took us 20 or so minutes to figure out. It was frustrating in the sense that there was no clues that could help you with solving it so you would either have to just keep trying or the game master will have to bypass it for you. We eventually made it work but hearing from the owner later on, most teams don’t really have an issue with it and we probably just messed up the starting sequence. Oops...! Not sure if there could be a solution to where a clue could assist with the team solving this or not as bypassing it would be kind of sad for teams that would like to feel like they’ve solved it on their own. After that hurdle, everything was smooth sailing till the end. This was probably our favorite room here! But wait, there’s still one more!   

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