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Blumhouse, Little Cinema, & Prime Video - "Welcome To The Blumhouse Live"

Updated: Jan 15

Videos/ Photos provided by Blumhouse, Little Cinema, Amazon Prime Video

Company: Blumhouse, Little Cinema, Prime Video

Game: Welcome to the Blumhouse Live

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Language: English

Type of Game: Online Immersive Experience 🎭

Genre: Horror, Detective

Date Played: 10/16/2020

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 4/10

Size of Team: Unlimited

Time: 90 Minutes

Price: Free


This was a live stream event created by Little Cinema in collaboration with Blumhouse and Amazon Prime Video. It was a promotional event to celebrate the launch of the 4 films on Amazon Prime: The Lie, Evil Eye, Black Box and Nocturne. The event was build around the mysterious disappearance of Erin Templeton.


Each show opened up with a DJ (Ludacris, Questlove, Toro y Moi, and Jadalareign) doing a 30 minute set. After the show ended, Blumhouse would open its doors. There were 10 rooms to explore in the 3-story home. Each room had a live actor revealing some information about the missing girl Erin. The storyline was quite clever as it worked in bits of plots from all 4 films. You're able to interact with the actors through the live chat option. It was immersive theater on steroids! Since we only had 60 minutes, there wasn't enough time to explore everything so we decided to go back for the second show.


Most of the puzzles were like hunting for clues. There were a small portion of puzzles that we actually had to decode. The bedroom was probably where most of the puzzle lovers spend most of their time. There was one act in the garage that really felt like a remote escape room to us. The actress was a detective trying to save a hostage who's strapped onto a chair with crossbows pointed at him. We were amazed by the special effects of her walking on glass and taking out a real scorpion with her hands (at least we think it was real!). The final meta puzzle was combining all the clues we've found during the show to open the final lock to the attic.


This would such a memorable online experience. The DJs hyped up the spirits for the audience and the actors took us on an amazing cinematic journey. The puzzles were cherries on top but definitely not the focus of the event. We really enjoyed every moment of it and hopefully we'll see more of these creations from Little Cinema in the near future! If you missed the event, there are still a few rooms that they left on their website so you can get a little taste on what you've missed out on!

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