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Boda Borg - "Boda Borg Quests"

Updated: 4 days ago

LOCATION:  Malden, Massachusetts, USA


  • 🔑 GAME: Quests

  • 📅 DATE PLAYED: February 10, 2020

  • 🎬 GENRE: Adventure

  • 🧠 DIFFICULTY (Based on 4 ppl): 9/10


  • 🕒 LENGTH OF TIME: Hours or all day packages available

  • 💰 PRICE: $24-36/PP (pending on time)

  • ☎️ BOOKING TYPE: Private (only your group will be in the quest together)

  • 🔓 ESCAPED/ COMPLETED?: Yes (3 Quests)


Experience the quest! Test your skills and challenge yourself! At Boda Borg you'll be transported to other dimensions called "Questing"! You can play a role in any one of their adventures where anything and everything is possible! Currently they have 19 challenges (Shape, Farm, Pirates, Alcatraz, Platoon, Nostalgia, Quiz Show, Rats, Access, Boot Camp, Sphinx, Spycatcher, Spook House, Superbanan, Potions, Awesome!, 27 Seconds, and Jungle) but will be adding another 6 quests soon!


  • As soon as you step foot inside Boda Borg Boston, it feels like you've entered an adventure land (3 levels of fun!) There are so many options to chose from mental challenges to physical challenges based on difficulty levels.

  • The lobby area is massive w/ self check-in stations, tables & booths for dining, and food and drinks for purchase! The customer service is great and the facility is incredibly clean! Store your items downstairs in the complimentary lockers before you begin your quests!

  • The set designs for each Quest was incredibly unique and different from each other. As soon as you open the door of a quest, you feel like you've been transported to another world. One moment you're in a magic school making potions, few minutes later you're trying to break out of a jail cell, and just moments later you're stuck in a haunted house with creepy dolls....We couldn't keep up with the surprises. My favorite room was Rats. We literally got "shrunken" down to rat sizes and were playing the room in their perspective trying to hop on to kitchen counters and avoid our nemesis, the cat.

  • When it came to the puzzles, the challenges in each Quest fit right in with the mission. You'll experience physical obstacles like balancing on a plank or climbing on tires and also mental challenges like trivia questions or logic sequences. These challenges really makes teamwork a necessity. While some of our teammates were weaker at physical challenges, they definitely contributed more in the mental challenges and vise versa. We really enjoyed this concept and the design of these quests to help boost team morale and encourage teamwork.


  • We really loved everything about Boda Borg. We can't wait to go back. This is more of a suggestion for the player regarding the booking. Since Boda Borg could get quick busy during weekend, try to go on weekdays if possible. Since every quest could only be entered after the previous team fail or pass onto the next room, there could be a wait for the more popular rooms (like potion).


Boda Borg should not be interpreted as a typical escape room. There will be times you might need to search and associate items with each other and other times it's basically an obstacle course that just need you to have physical endurance. You only have one attempt in the room you enter and as soon as you make a mistake, you'll be kicked out of the room and will have to start from the beginning again. You will not have hints or anyone informing you what you did wrong. It's more like trial and error and you'll have to figure things out yourself. This place definitely will challenge your patience level, virtue (helping out other teammates), mental and physical boundaries and more! Although you may walk out of there with a few bruises (knee pads strongly recommended), the memories will stay with you for a life time!


Be sure to observe all the little details in the room. Every movement should be "recorded" by your teammates so if you failed, you should not attempt the same mistake again. Try to mix up physical and mental rooms so you don't drain your energy so quickly. If you get there early, do the popular rooms first. If you are lucky, the workers may give you a little nudge so be super nice to them!

Additional info

  • large lobby area with seating

  • Food/beverage/merchandise for purchase

  • Free Wifi

  • Storage lockers

  • 5 Minute walk from train station

  • Parking lot at 170 centre street is free on sundays and holidays ($3 all day on week days)

  • Sneakers required

  • Recommend comfortable clothing & knee pads

  • Sign waiver in advance online to save time upon arrival


** We don't want to go into detail and ruin any surprises for you, but if you'd like more information on the room, feel free to email us.

(If you do decide to try this experience, give us a shoutout or tag us on social media so we know you heard it from "ESCAPETHEROOMers"!)

Disclosure: We thank Boda Borg for comping our tickets for this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.