Codeword Escape Room - "The Christmas Key Catastrophe"

Updated: Jun 11

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The gangster gnomes have been very naughty this year. They have placed 12 locks inside of Santa’s workshop and stolen the key to Santa’s sleigh. In the next 60 minutes, if we don’t help Santa find his keys, the kids will be out of presents this year!


  • Love holiday themed rooms. Although the design was quite simple, we felt the holiday spirit right when we entered. The Christmas tree and presents along with the holiday colors immediately created a fun atmosphere.

  • The puzzles were all logical and closely tied together with Christmas.

  • A bit of humor was added into a reading puzzle which we always appreciate especially if the reading could be a bit longer than the usual few words.  


  • A prop was used in the room to symbolize an ending after we have found the gnomes but it would’ve been cool if it could have activated something since it was a bit confusing why it’s there as it wasn’t really part of a puzzle or opened anything.

  • Since the gnomes are quite naughty, we thought maybe the room design could be a little more “messier” than how neat it was when you walk in. A bit of “chaos” would seem more like they just caused a catastrophe inside the room and we had to put it back together. Perhaps for a harder level, items could be placed not so much in groups already and will need to be found and coordinated together at different times.  

  • Since we’re counting down to an urgent situation, if music could be added to provide a sense of urgency as we get closer to the ending or if they can get more creative with flickers of the tree lights etc., this could be a fun add-on to an immersive feel to the room as currently it felt like one type of mood throughout.


Although the puzzles were not as difficult for enthusiasts, it was a lot of fun. We are still quite traditional and love some old fashion locks (excluding gym lockers). So, if you are a lock lover, there will be plenty of satisfaction at the end. If you like to go as a family or try an escape room as beginner escapists, you’ll fall in love with escape rooms after trying this one. You can easily divide and conquer different puzzles in the room. If you like to feel like a kid again and “read” through a Christmas story book while solving puzzles along the way to achieve a jolly ending, then this is the room for you!


Things that seem relatable may help you “connect” the dots.


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* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

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