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Escape The Crate - "Escape The Ripper"

Updated: Jan 15

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Company: Escape The Crate

Game: Escape The Ripper

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Language: English

Type of Game: Puzzles By Mail 📬

Genre: Detective

Date Played: 12/9/2020

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 5/10

Size of Team: Unlimited

Time: Unlimited (Suggested 45 minutes per each adventure)

Price: $29.99/2 month, $57.98/4 month, $63.98/6 month. Can be purchased as individual retired games if still available.


The notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper has been strolling the streets of the Whitechapel in London, looking for new blood. He's already killed 5 women. Will you be able to stop this maniac in time before the next murder?


The game came in a box with engaging artwork that attracted our attention right away. The cloaked figure holding a knife felt like he was taunting us. We're eager to dive in and catch this killer. Inside the box we found 2 newspaper articles, 2 envelopes, a piece of laced fabric, glossy papers, a magnifying glass, a heart and some other paper materials that requires cutting. For this game you'll need internet, pencil and a pair of scissor.


As we opened the box, an instruction sheet directed us to a website address. Once we entered the password, we're able to start the adventure with clear audio instructions. After checking to make sure we had all the game pieces, we're given a choice of playing either "Residence" or "Whitechapel". This is a very unique concept we haven't seen before. You're able to play two games for the price of one. "The residence" is an easier game targeted towards a family-friendly audience. "The Whitechapel" is a PG-13 adventure which will lead you deeper into the investigation with some added "ghastly" vibe. It's up to you on which game you like to start on first. We started with "Residence" and finished in about 30 minutes before moving onto "The Whitechapel" which took around 45 minutes to finish. We really like the option of the added audio component on the websites. Playing as a group, it was much easier to not have to crowd over each other in order to read the story on the computer screen. One person was designated to input passwords and every time when we solved a code, we'll be given clear instructions on how to assemble the next "scene". It was very much like directing a movie. Once you figured out new information from the investigation, you'll be able to open new doors and move forward. If you want to score and time yourself, there's an option for that as well. The "nudging" hint system was easy to use and really took mini "nudging" steps in case the audience doesn't want a fast reveal to the solution.


If you want to start with the easier puzzle game, then go with "The Residence". After you're all warmed up, continue your adventure to "The Whitechapel". We liked the choice options as players are very different in terms of their comfort level with puzzles and the options give them freedom at choosing which path they like to take this time. It also gives them the option to go back into the game at a later time to try the harder puzzle. Even the ending to "The Whitechapel" had a choice (we gladly took the easier option since we played this game at 2AM). The puzzles reminded us of an escape room vibe. Setting up a room or scene with the clue pieces and revealing more area or information once the puzzle is solved with a number or letter code bought back memories of a physical escape room. There was a lot of "search and find" components in the game. Overall most of the puzzles were quite reasonable. We did get stuck on two that seemed confusing to us from the art design and the connection with the story. The "Whitechapel" puzzles (especially the ones that needed "constructing") was one of my favorites.


This is probably one of the most organized tabletop games we've ever played. From paper to audio instructions, we knew exactly what our next steps were going to be. Going from one scene to the next sort of bought out the vibe of "Catch Me If You Can". As we case down the killer, we also had to make sure we won't fall into his traps too. It was quite the adventure to be able to experience that on a tabletop game. Escape the Crate is also very good at keeping the audience intrigued about their next adventure as you'll get hear where you'll be taken next by The Clockmaker if you want to continue on the journey. We certainly will. "Escape on the High Seas", here we come!

P.S. if you want to try their style and puzzles, they currently have a free mini online game called: Escape: Christmas Past.

Check out our interview with the creators to understand more on the development side of these game: (Coming soon)

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