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Spellbound Escapes - "Aftermath"

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

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We were assigned to a Top-Secret mission in the Wastelands. We must protect ourselves from enemy factions, wasteland marauders, and other threats to avoid another apocalypse of the world.


  • Love it when the game master is in character when introducing the story. The outfit, lantern, and the delightful mustache started the game in the right mood.

  • The set design had a bunker feel when we first entered. We appreciated this “starter” approach to set the tone for the room in the beginning of the story with simpler puzzles and progress into something bigger.

  • Soundproof was great in this room. Even though we were in a noisy mall with a lot of foot traffic and really high ceilings with echoing effects, we couldn’t hear anything other than what’s happening inside the room.

  • The first part of the room had a great flow and all the puzzles made sense. We enjoyed the detailed props that were placed in the room that revealed a story.


  • There seemed to be a difference in the set design making between the beginning part of the game and the latter part. It also felt like a disconnect from the storyline. We did not really feel the “threats” that was being integrated into the puzzle elements. It would’ve been great to see more of smooth assimilation throughout.

  • One main console was repeatedly used for various puzzles and we felt like at times each divided team was waiting to use it and that wasted a good amount of time. Later, we had to be creative with figuring out a solution but not sure if that’s a normal action that could be allowed during the game play.

  • The automated clues we received from the game master wasn’t really helpful towards the end of the game. We felt that maybe because each team was working on different puzzles, it’s hard for them to keep track of the actual hints that was given. It would be great if customized hints could be implemented especially during these harder puzzle segments.

  • One puzzle would have been a lot of fun if it was designed more like the Operation Game. Currently, it feels more like an “eat up time” kind of puzzle. All of us gave it a try and was not able to succeed until one member probably got it by luck, but we didn’t even know what was triggered. It would be great if some sort of symbol or sound could link what was triggered to this puzzle. We wasted a good amount of time afterwards still trying to figure the puzzle out not knowing it was solved already.

  • Some music would've added more ambience to the room along with some added special effects would be great to create as impactful “salvation from an apocalypse” ending.


This room was not linear at all. We would recommend a team of 6 mainly because of the latter part of the game. It’s on the challenging end mainly because of the items mentioned above but you may find it not so difficult for you if you are great at the physical precision challenges. It was a lot of fun to feel the intensity as a team towards the end of the game but also a bit frustrating when we couldn’t receive the correct procedures to move forward. Not sure how much adjustment Spellbound can make on the puzzle at this point, but a customized hint system would greatly help the players with the latter part of the game. If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of getting out of an escape room close to seconds, this room could be what you are looking for! Are you up for the challenge?


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