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Escape The Room DC - "Jurassic Escape"

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Our first time at Escape The Room was at their NYC location. They were the first escape room to open in the U.S. Currently, they have expanded their franchise to 19 different locations. Today, we arrived really late to catch their last game at the Washington DC location. Since it was a Saturday night, it was easy to find parking right in front of the building with no fees. I would imagine during the weekdays it would be difficult as it’s located on a very busy street. Once we got buzzed in, we headed down to the basement. The lobby area was very cute with puzzles and seats for the guests that waited for their games. Be sure to check out the dinosaur egg that they are hatching!  

We’ve been dying to try their “Jurassic Escape” room at the NYC location but never had the time and we’re glad that we didn’t because this location’s “Jurassic Escape” room is much larger and definitely added to the immersive experience. Our mission is to stop the evil corporation that is cloning dinosaurs and make sure that the clones don’t take down the Nation’s Capital.

As we made it down the hallway, the sound of the dinosaurs startled me and the image of them waiting for their “dinner” keeps popping up in my head. As we entered the room, it’s a scene that I can’t describe. I felt so tiny as we were thrown inside of dinosaur holding cell and held captive. We are now officially actors in the Jurassic Park movie. This is the first escape room that we were able to understand how smell can be incorporated into an immersive set design. If you are curious as to what dinosaur poop smells like, you need to be here! Although it seems like there’s not much to do in the first area, do not linger. Try to solve the puzzles ASAP in order to move on to what lies ahead. There’s a good amount of puzzles to divide and conquer especially if you have just two people like us. The sound system and visual effects is insane in this room! Till this day, we can still hear and see what it felt like when we were inside the room. The puzzles went along with the story line and the props used were very authentic to what you would actually find in that situation. We did get lucky with one or two of the puzzles and that helped us escape the room with seconds left. After the game, we spoke with our gamemaster and learned that they have a bunch of options to change up the puzzles they have in the room so perhaps if you played another time, you might experience a different set of puzzles!

Currently, the DC location has three games: “Jurassic Escape”, “The Agency”, and “The Dig”. You can check out our NYC location’s review on “The Dig”. We received the exciting news that they have a South Park theme escape room called “Cartman’s Escape room” that’s coming to their location soon. They actually got to work on concepts with the co-creators of South Park - Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make the iconic animation come to live! Given Escape The Room’s continuous top of the line immersive design sets, we can’t wait to give this one a try! 

* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 10/10

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