Escape Edinburgh - "SUB-ZERO"

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Difficulty Level: 6.5/10

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This is our first stop in Edinburgh, Scotland! Edinburgh is such a beautiful and mysterious looking city that everywhere I walked, I felt like I was part of the Harry Potter movie set. Because we had a full day of escape rooms, we didn't have much time to explore Edinburgh. But we will definitely be back to check out its history.

Escape Edinburgh currently have 3 different locations. The location that we are visiting today - Morrison Street is their newest and we loved where it was situated. This location is in the basement of the "Noughts & Coffees" cafe store and you can find many types of board games there to play for an unlimited time for just £3.50 per person. It’s a great place to be after an escape game to chat with friends, get a cup of coffee and play more games! 

When we went down the stairs to enter Escape Edinburgh's lobby area, there wasn't much space or decor there except for two benches to sit and wait. After being debriefed by our friendly game master, we quickly entered their newest room - "Sub Zero". The storyline was that we needed to destroy the evidence left on a missing submarine and escape before it’s too late! As we entered the room, the decor immediately transported us into a submarine embarking on an underwater experience. However, we did mention later to the game master that one of the clues were rather hard to see and we wasted a good amount of time on that even though we knew what we're supposed to do. The puzzle designs and props that were used correlated with the storyline the entire time except for one particular puzzle that had some very confusing wordings on the clue. Overall, we enjoyed the latter part of the game a lot more as the puzzles were more creative and unique. With two people, we escaped with some time to spare. 

In addition, we also had the privilege to take a sneak peek inside the two other rooms that they currently offer: "221B Baker Street" and "The Magic Emporium". If you only have time for one game there, we suggest that you try "The Magic Emporium" room. The set design was quite intriguing as it looked like you've been transported to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. We hope that we have a chance to return one day and escape with Escape Edinburgh again!

* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 7.5/10

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Disclosure: We thank Escape Edinburgh for comping our tickets for this game.

Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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