Mobile Escape - "S01E02: Missing Person"

Photos provided by Mobile Escape

Company: Mobile Escape

Language: English

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Type of Game: Puzzles By Mail

Genre: Adventure, Mystery

Time: Unlimited

Size of Team: Unlimited

Date Played: 9/7/2020

Price: $14.99 CAD

After Ep 1: Family's Secrets' cliffhanger, we were very excited to receive Ep 2 in the mail. In this episode, our cousin JJ had been kidnapped by the Hunters and was trying to sent us information in order for us to rescue him. Hopefully we can decode the messages and free him from the Hunters!

Like the first episode, we received a bunch of items which included a wallet photo, QR map, ticker tape, sonar device, access card, decryption paper, grid papers and a plastic needle piece. There was also a small paper that informed us of the hint website and a Spotify playlist. It would be helpful to have a scissor, pencil (although we drew directly on the computer screen and that worked as well), and an eraser. I've been also trying to pay attention to Easter eggs or clues that can't really connect with anything right now because the puzzler inside of me is saying: "there's got to be a meta puzzle at the end".

In this "hard" version of the game, we were only given a hint on the starting point. As we solved the first puzzle, a video was awarded explaining the story line. From there we were able to figure out where to go next. The game was quite linear so it was easy to follow the flow. Just like in Ep 1, Mobile Escape's specialty was their videos and online photo components. Through them, we were able to envision the story and connect with the character at a closer level. There were 5 puzzles in total and most were quite easy and just required some attention to details. There was one that confused us with how the clue was presented but made sense for what it was looking for after we read through the first part of the clue. These mailers are great for players who enjoy a shorter puzzle game (usually less than an hour for us) but still have the element of surprise and drama build into it. The most difficult moment for the game is always going to be that waiting period for the next episode to arrive in our mailbox.

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