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Mission Escape Games - "The Ultimate Bank Heist"

Updated: 5 days ago

LOCATION:  Anaheim, California, USA

Photo above is property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


  • 🔑 GAME: The Ultimate Bank Heist

  • 📅 DATE PLAYED: November 8, 2019

  • 🎬 GENRE: Heist

  • 🧠 DIFFICULTY (Based on 3 ppl): 6/10

  • 👥 TOTAL # OF PLAYERS: Up to 10 ppl

  • 🕒 LENGTH OF TIME: 60 Mins.

  • 💰 PRICE: $32.00-$35.00/ pp, $168.00-$280.00+ (Private)

  • ☎️ BOOKING TYPE: Public/ Private



We have a heavy debt on ourselves and the mob is after us. They want us to retrieve a rare artifact that’s being stored in the bank’s vault in order to free us from the debt. We don’t have much choice here…


  • Set design was amazing. The quality of the bank teller’s counter and the door were all made from real metal. In fact, throughout the room, all the props felt genuine and with high quality. We felt immersed right away into the situation.

  • Puzzles were all different but made perfect sense with the story line. The story line was evolving as certain answers were uncovered. We love the flow of this game.

  • The lighting and special effects were flawlessly paired with the reveals. One of them really surprised us. It was quite movie-like.

  • Loved the strong ending.


  • One puzzle seemed a bit hard to see. We felt that it needed a little more distinction.

  • From a height perspective, one puzzle was a bit hard for me (5 ft) to achieve so I needed assistance from my teammates.

  • One of our teammates lost a tool that was essential in retrieving a puzzle piece but there was no other way to get it back unless we called in the game master. It would be great if there was a “backup” in the room just in case this happens, so it won’t stop the flow of the game.


This room was a lot of fun! It was the complete package from set design to puzzle design. We’ve played a lot of bank related themes and this one is definitely on the top of our list. Our team of three worked really well together and got out with plenty of time on the clock but we felt really satisfied regardless. Since the room was nonlinear, there was a lot we did separately. We suggest 3-4 people for this room but if you like to bring more teammate, the room is spacious enough for more. We hope you can escape from the mobsters and let us know what you think of the game!


Time is of the essence.

Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


(If you do decide to try this room, please remember to let them know that "ESCAPETHEROOMers" sent you!)

Disclosure: We thank Mission Escape Games for comping our tickets for this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.


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