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REMOTE: Lost Escape - "The Steampunk Adventure"

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Videos/ Photos provided by Lost Escape

Company: Lost Escape

Game: The Steampunk Adventure

Country: Lithuania 🇱🇹

Language: English, Lithuanian

Type of Game: Remote Escape Room 🗣

Genre: Steampunk, Sci-Fi

Date Played: 11/11/2020

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 5.5/10

Size of Team: 2-6 Players

Time: 60 Minutes

Price: € 10/pp (Min € 40)


You've entered an era that's powered by steam. Professor Gingercraft recently invented a new energy source based on aether. It'll provide free energy for all. Because of this, she was captured by the high power officials that controlled the steam industry. Your task is to retrieve the tesseract from her laboratory and destroy all the research paper before the officials get their hands on it.


The game was played over Zoom. We also received some photos in an email prior to the game. The photos gave us a closer looks at some of the clue pieces in the game. It would've made it easier for players if they had an inventory portal instead of having to look back and forth via our email attachment and the Zoom screen. But since there weren't too many photos, it didn't really hinder our game play. As we joined into the Zoom meeting, the avatar was already waiting inside the room for us. She gave us a quick tour of the room before we started to explore freely on our own. The rooms were quite spacious and we felt the steampunk vibe right away. The set design was amazing and all the machinery looked heavy duty as if they were real.

There were many prop pieces we're able to collect throughout the game play. Somehow they all miraculously fit onto various parts of the different machines. It was fascinating to see how they ultimately worked when they were turned on. The camera was quite stable throughout the game and the avatar did a great job with giving us close up shots of items we needed to see. Since there was a good amount of areas to explore, we finished the game in 52 minutes with the two of us.


Since this room had a lot of machines that we needed to "operate" on, a lot of cool gadgets and tools were utilized. The puzzles were not too difficult in terms of logic so most of the time was spend on watching the avatar maneuver physical puzzles and waiting for the big reveals from the machines. We were getting very jealous at the avatar and really wished we were playing this game in person. There was one particular machine that made Brandon say "Wow" 3 times once the Avatar got it to work. An audio puzzle gave us issues as we weren't able to hear clearly and had to ultimately ask the avatar for the solution.


This game would have be 10 times better if we had played it in person. Currently there are some components in terms of puzzles that didn't translate as well for the online version. It would be great if an inventory portal could be implemented along with some interactive puzzle elements so the players could play along with the avatar in the future. But the set design, lighting and tech aspect of the game was beautifully done. It almost made up for the puzzle aspect of the game. We would still recommend this game especially knowing that you don't know when you'll get the chance to travel to Lithuania in the near future.

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Disclosure: We thank Lost Escape for providing us with a media discount our tickets for this game. Although a discounted experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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