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Cici Cao & Brandon Chow are a couple who loves to travel around the world to find new adventures! On their different journeys, they will find unusual locations, exotic foods and traveling tips that they love to share on their YouTube channel.  Their recent acquired addiction to Escape Rooms have opened their minds to a new world.

This website was created to share their experiences of different escape room locations and the journeys that took them there. On their YouTube channel you’ll also find exclusive content for sneak peeks of the location, rooms and the creativity stories with the owners. Although they have played a good amount of escape rooms, the reviews are still subject to their opinion at the time and date the game was played. They understand everyone will have a different experience so they hope the readers will take in the reviews as more informative rather than judgmental. They also understand that everyone is very busy with their daily schedules so any information in advance that can save time and money for you will also be provided on their channel.

The end goal for them is to spread the escape room culture, for everyone to know what an escape room is and for you to give it a shot! The only danger would be developing a sickness called “escape room addition”. In which case, you would automatically be enrolled into the ETR family. So, what are you waiting for? Let them take you on a journey and help you escape the “Room”!​

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"Love ESCAPETHEROOMers....and their pup! Great couple who genuinely support escape room owners."

—  heather, codeword Escape