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Bullseye Awards

2023 ETR AWARD.png

Every year we recognize some of the "best" games we've played throughout the year. "Best" is a relative term and we don't think it needs to be singular or honor just one winner in each category. With a team of 19 reviewers, we've played approximately 1,300+ games in the categories of "In-Person Escape Rooms", "Live-Hosted Games", "Tabletop Games" and "Online Games". Below are essentially our top 9% of the games we like to honor with an award this year. 

Starting from the "individual category" awards, we feel that these games stood out in one of these categories: "Set Design", "Puzzle Design", "Fun Atmosphere", "Cooperative Elements", "Innovative Ideas" "Print-N-Cut", "Illustrations",  "PUZZLE HUNTS", "Unique StorylineS" AND "Characters". 

In our "theme category" awards, these were games we felt best represented a certain theme with their design, puzzles, and storytelling. The 6 categories were "Adventure", "Fantasy", "Horror" "Mystery", "sci-fi" AND "THRILLER". 

Finally our most prestigious category, "Best Overall", were games that we felt hit all the targets in terms of set design, story, immersion, and puzzles. These were given in categories of "digital games", "App/Video/VR Games", "Table-top Games", "Immersive Experience" and "In-Person Escape Rooms" 

Congratulations to all the winners!
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- best "set design" of the year -

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- best "puzzleS" of the year -

2023_Best Fun Room_ Game.png

- best "fun room/ game/ Book" of the year -

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- best "cooperative game" of the year -